New 'elite' Dubai club lets you drive your supercar inside (Video)

By Aliheydar_Rzayev Monday, 24 September 2018 2:01 PM

New 'elite' Dubai club lets you drive your supercar inside (Video)

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A new "super-elite" Dubai nightclub that requires fingerprint recognition for entry will now let you park your supercar inside for a measly Dh10,000.

Secret Room, a hip-hop and R&B club at Dubai’s Five Palm Jumeirah hotel, opened last Friday and members can bring guests if they can afford the Dh5,000 minimum spend for a table of four.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive to bring a car with you to a party, Dubai is known for its love of gimmicks and expensive vehicles.

“Access is only granted via unique finger print identification, which is an essential feature, crucial to the brand and to gain your privileged access," said a Secret Room representative.

“Carefully selected clients will have their fingerprint registered, giving them the ability to instantly access the venue with a simple scan on the days Secret Room operates.”

The representative described Secret Room as the epitome of partying in “true style and luxury”.

And it doesn't come cheap — the Dh10,000 in-club parking only allows for one car at a time.

It is not the first time Dubai’s nightlife scene has resorted to attention-grabbing concepts to entice people through the door.

In 2015, London import Cirque Le Soir made their bar staff dress as monkeys and The Chillout Lounge on Sheikh Zayed Road, which reopened this year, offers patrons the chance to experience sub-zero temperatures in a bar made of ice.

Adult ball pits are not uncommon in Dubai either, and patrons at Toy Room DXB will be familiar with the sight of Frank, a giant teddy bear, strutting his stuff on the dance floor and taking selfies with partygoers.

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