A New Generation of Skin Care from Nivea

By egor Wednesday, 24 January 2018 11:31 AM

A New Generation of Skin Care from Nivea

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With more than 100 years of skincare expertise, Nivea introduces a new generation of skin care with Nivea Care; an innovative hydrowax formula cream that aims to meet the ever changing and dynamic needs of today’s modern women. Nivea ® Care’s breakthrough formula offers deep nourishment without leaving behind any greasiness, providing a completely new skin feeling. It is easily spread and quickly absorbed by the skin making it the perfect cream for face and body.

Hanne Rolling Bentsen, Marketing Director MENA at Nivea said: “Our efforts are relentless to continue developing products that match the skin requirements of modern women, and today we celebrate our achievements with Nivea ® Care cream. It is a real innovation in the skin care segment that will serve as the first simple skin care solution for intensively nourishing without any greasiness”.

When applied, the balanced amount of wax enwrapped in a light gel texture immediately melt into the skin while the fine caring wax crystals provide intensive and long-lasting nourishing care leaving the skin feeling and looking supple and smooth. Nivea Care is also available with Pearl Extracts and Vitamin C that work to restore the skin’s natural tone within 4 weeks for nourishing fairness without greasiness, and SPF 15 to protect the skin from sun damage. 

Nivea ® Care is available in different sizes, 50ml, 100ml, and 200ml. Whether you want to fit it in your bag or use it before you leave home, make sure to pick your preferred product from any leading supermarket across GCC and the Middle East and don’t forget to share your WOW moments through #HydrowaxFormula #WOW and @niveame.