Ni Ni Stars Once Again In The Gucci Eyewear

By Olga_Gafurova Monday, 11 February 2019 3:51 PM

Ni Ni Stars Once Again In The Gucci Eyewear

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Gucci is pleased to announce that renowned actress Ni Ni continues her role as brand ambassador for Gucci for its eyewear advertising campaign for spring summer 2019. She has been the face of the eyewear collection for the past four seasons.

Set on a desert highway in the heat of the day, Ni Ni is looking for a ride. She holds pieces of corrugated cardboard with her destinations written on them: "OUTTA HERE" and "SOMEWHERE". Cars and lorries drive past as our Gucci hitchhiker tries to thumb a lift.

Inspired by cinematic imagery and shot by photographer Hugo Scott and art directed by Christopher Simmonds, the campaign is colourful and whimsical; the actress, dressed in Gucci and wearing Gucci eyewear, cuts a distinctive figure, a character in an imaginary road movie.

In one image, Ni Ni wears an eye-catching sunglasses style featuring an ultra-light, shiny gold-toned metal frame with a parabolic lens shape; the lens is in a solid cherry colour. The bridge over the nose forms part of a continuous sweeping curve, and Gucci lettering marks the slim temples; there is an interlocking G detail on the cut-out end-tips of the arms. In another shot, Ni Ni sports a timeless rectangular optical frame, which presents a front metal rim and slim temples, all in shiny in gold colour. As with the other style, the temples are adorned with Gucci lettering and the Double G motif appears on the cut-out end-tips of the arms.

The campaign launches in February.