Oversize Belts

By admin Sunday, 10 January 2016 12:20 PM

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Nothing clinches one’s look like a belt does. It has the ability to balance out, gather up and just set right a tailored creation (especially those parts of us which could be bulging out or worse, even falling about haphazardly). In the process it gives the wearer a business-like air and a smarter look. So we women really have nothing to complain about belts, especially oversize ones, as they do come in handy (and not just to smarten up one’s look but a situation too if it was to come to that). So Marni offers us a wonderful combo – a high polo neck top in deep brown is teamed with an interestingly cut, off-white skirt and an elbow-length top worn over the polo is clinched by a brown leather belt. Stella McCartney shows how femininity can be enhanced in a deceptively simple yet stylish manner by teaming a pair of black jodhpurs with a tucked-in, paisley print white and gold, sleeveless top made that much more alluring with a suede leather tan-coloured belt. It’s just like Roberto Cavalli to give us a party-special – a jumpsuit fashioned from a mustardy yellow, luxurious fabric designed to sway with every move of its lucky wearer. Its high point being a black halter-neck matching the bold, black belt at the waist…sparkling with a jeweled buckle.