Red-dy for action?

By admin Wednesday, 08 October 2014 8:00 PM

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It’s advised that you don’t see red (for obviously it hikes up one’s BP) but instead get ready for action with some va va vroom numbers flashing RED!

The colour has been touted to boost your spirits as well as energy in just any setting and is the fave colour of several cultures around the world in the East as well as the West. So embrace it with verve.

Ex Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has a well crafted construction that’s oh-so-fetchingly lovely. Featuring an unusual neckline and slightly rounded sleeves it falls away demurely (with a few tastefully included pleats) to a little above your ankles. The delicate structure is a perfect match to the hot traffic red fabric it is fashioned from, making it a real winner.

There’s a glam sleeveless gown from Ingie Paris featuring red blooms against a black background. Utterly feminine, the v-neck piece is cinched at the waist neatly and falls away elegantly to floor length, presenting a covetable creation.

If you’re seeking just a flash of red on your look this season, top designer Dior offers a warm-looking clutch in red knit, while Longchamp offers a smug cartoon face to cheer you and the onlooker up.

You can also step-up the action with Jimmy Choo’s stylish heels or with a closed and pointy pair from Loriblu. And you’re set to be all Red-Dy for action!