Schoeffel: Pure luxury. Since 1921

By admin Saturday, 08 September 2012 8:00 PM

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Schoeffel: Pure luxury. Since 1921


Like a pearl whose luster increases with the passage of time, Schoeffel the pearl jewellery brand founded in 1921 has turned more alluring. Its jewellery collections are hailed for their aesthetic sophistication and symbolize exclusive luxury for exclusive tastes. The brand is retailed in Dubai at the well known Levant Jewelers. Aviamost met its affable Sales Director Gregor Schwarz and got to know more about the brand and its bewitching new collections


What are the unique characteristics of your brand?

The House of Schoeffel was founded by Wilhelm Schoeffel in 1921 as a pearl trading business. Now in its fourth generation, the family-owned company based in Stuttgard has succeeded in attaining a position of international importance. It is especially strong in Europe. What makes it unique is its special taste for design and quality as when it comes to pearls quality is the first issue as the luster of pearls is important.

What are you new collections?

We have a very successful Haute Couture collection with two lines: Tsarina and Debut. Recently we introduced a innovative new collection with silver in combination with Tahitian pearls of size 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16mm perfect for everyday use using new materials like leather stones and spinnel stones. It’s very modern and very tempting, available at very attractive affordable rates, and you can wear it with both elegant dresses as well as leisure wear. You can combine necklace with bracelet and complete the look with a ring, and Russians especially like to mix and match. It’s a new step for us, and one that has been very successful.


How do you keep the heritage alive?

Schoeffel was all the time very, very classical. But of course we have changed because we also work with a lot of designers from different countries and we are influenced to create new designs, such as the Schoeffel collection for Middle East customers, and the   high-end collection for VIP customers in Russia. We have kept the heritage alive and even when we have faced the crisis a little bit, we developed new collections. We have a very close relationship with our partners and we have training for our sales staff to update them so they know what they sell, as our customers are very critical and look for high quality. We also train them on the ambience of the shop as they attract wealthy customers coming from Russia, China and other parts around the world.


We also trust our partners totally and we have a very successful and good relationship with Levant as they are located in the best places. So the high end customer stays in top hotels and you’re magazine too is found in these places it is very beneficial for us.


What are you planning for the future?

For the moment we are concentrating on our new couture collection. And we want to enlarge the innovative collection for youngsters. We also listen very carefully to our partners like Levant as to what they want to say as they are selling a lot of white gold collections with diamonds and Tahitian pearls. So we tried to create special collections for this region like combining white gold with pearls.