Thinksmart Hub hosts content creators artists in the Canadian Art Gallery ARTE ARTA

By Olga_Gafurova Tuesday, 07 February 2023 2:13 PM

Thinksmart Hub hosts content creators artists in the Canadian Art Gallery ARTE ARTA

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Region’s only content creation hub, Thinksmart Hub hosted special commissions in modern artworks by six aspiring artists belonging to Canada’s ARTE ARTA Gallery. 25 artworks spanning across inspirations ranging from modern minimalism to hyper-technical digital art adorned the walls and enthralled the audiences that visited the event.

Speaking of the event, Founder of Thinksmart Hub Lina Husri said,

“Artists, I feel are rule breakers and unleash their creativity in ways that leave a mark on their audiences. Thinksmart Hub was conceptualized to nurture content across media, and this opportunity paved the way to bridge art inspiration across countries. With this collaboration, we tried to foster dialogues between cultures, styles, generations, and artistic expressions, and the energy stirred by such immersive experiences is like no other. At Thinksmart Hub, we’re committed to encouraging content creators from all walks of media since we understand and speak the creative language required to create and showcase content."

The exhibition displayed a creative selection featuring artworks by Rana Lotfi (USA), Khaled Tirikli (Lebanon), Juan Murcia (USA), Youssef Chennoufi (France), Sarah Arensi (Italy), and Ahmad Alwari (Dubai, UAE). Thinksmart Hub celebrated a selection of recent artworks by these artists to mark their international debut and made for a seminal moment for ARTE ARTA Gallery from Montreal, Canada. The event is being highlighted as a unique occasion that introduced a new genre of artists and an eclectic mix of artworks to the discerning art connoisseurs of the UAE.

Expressing her views, Founder of ARTE ARTA, Nour Chamoun said:

 “Arte Arta is an online art gallery, so the opportunity to display our artists’ artwork at Thinksmart Hub in the UAE was indeed fascinating.  The primary objective was to showcase the human experience behind the works on display, and only an artistically inspiring space like this will do justice to an artist’s expression. The response and adulations received are heartwarming and reflect the region’s traditional vein for art. With Thinksmart Hub pushing the global narrative for content creators and artists, I’m sure they will continue telling a story for impact and experience.”

Ever since its launch in November 2021, Thinksmart Hub has recognized the energy and dynamism in content creators and has designed exclusive spaces to encourage content-creating talent.