Tiffany & Co. debuts its final floral-inspired themes for Botanica: Blue Book 2022

By Olga_Gafurova Monday, 10 October 2022 11:47 AM

Tiffany & Co. debuts its final floral-inspired themes for Botanica: Blue Book 2022

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Tiffany & Co.unveiled the third and final expression of BOTANICA: Blue Book 2022. Bringing new energy and life to important floral themes from The Tiffany Archives, the fall iteration draws from flora such as wisterias, magnolias and orchids, in addition to Jean Schlumberger’s masterpieces.

The Wisteria theme of the fall Blue Book high jewelry collection draws inspiration from the forms and colors of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s iconic table lamps popularized during the Art Nouveau period. For BOTANICA: Blue Book 2022, Tiffany artisans re-envisioned the wisteria’s petals with hand-carved chalcedony. Pear-shaped fancy sapphires and diamonds are nestled among the petals.

“Wisteria is an homage to the archival Tiffany & Co. flower that also honors Louis Comfort Tiffany’s colorful leaded-glass creations,” said Victoria Wirth Reynolds, Chief Gemologist and Vice President, Tiffany & Co. “The hand-carved chalcedony petals have these beautiful, translucent hues with an intentional gradation of color.”

The collection’s Magnolia theme offers a contemporary update to the floral motif, also expressed with an inventive use of hand-carved chalcedony, as well as Tiffany & Co. “legacy gemstones,” such as tsavorite and morganite, that the House proudly introduced to the world. Over the course of Tiffany’s 185-year history, the magnolia flower has been showcased within from jewelry designs and leaded-glass windows to the prized Magnolia vase, which was displayed at the 1893 World’s Colombian Exposition in Chicago and is now housed at The Met.

The Orchid Curve theme reinterprets an important floral motif at Tiffany & Co.—the orchid—through a modernized lens. Focusing on the orchid’s unique, organic symmetry and sensual nature, the Orchid Curve motif of BOTANICA features an array of diamond-intensive designs defined by elegant undulating forms and extraordinary gemstone drops.

Jean Schlumberger’s most impressive designs from The Tiffany Archives are reimagined with unique colored gemstone combinations. Legendary designs such as the Bird on a Rock brooch, as well as the Vigne and Trellis suites, are set with a vibrant display of gemstones that give a new personality to Schlumberger’s masterful creations. Rarely brought to life before, the Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger® Phoenix brooch is full of fiery energy and showcases a spectrum of hues.