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By admin Wednesday, 10 November 2010 10:49 AM

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Colour charismatics   

Captivating colour and floral dramatics define jewels that can perk up both mood and attire. Lined up for your exclusive indulgence are the most breathtaking collections by Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co., Boucheron, Garrard, Cartier, H.Stern, Carrera y Carrera and David Morris among several others

When winter comes around, we long for the beauty and sparkle of spring…So this edition of Treasure Trove presents charming floral as well as dazzling diamond collections designed to simply sweep you away!

Van Cleef & Arpels
Playful and refined, the new Perlée jewellery collection by Van Cleef & Arpels presents a summery beauty reflected in tiny beads of white and pink gold with diamonds. It offers sumptuous cuff bracelets, bracelet bangles, graduated rings and hoop earrings. Highly eye catching is the Perlée cuff bracelet in ‘crumpled’ pink gold inspired by a collection in the ‘70’s that Jacqueline Kennedy adored. Its name comes from the famous Alhambra collection known for its stylised clover-leaf constellations which first appeared in the 1920s and was baptised the contour perlé (or pearled edge). Light and charming, the new Perlée collection epitomises the Maison’s modern yet timeless elegance.  

H.Stern’s new jewelry collection Boboli reveres the aesthetic poetry of Florence, Italy’s Boboli Gardens one of the most beautiful in the world which house an impressive collection of sculptures from the 16th and 17th centuries. The brand’s creative team has envisaged a sculptural line of jewels in which gold is worked artistically to shape earrings, rings, pendants and a bracelet. Slivers of 18K yellow gold with polished finishing are carefully cut and crushed, creating organic pieces that are reminiscent of floral shapes. Having exuberant volume, the Boboli collection’s jewels are surprisingly lightweight due to the delicacy of the gold structures.

If you are looking for new and exciting ways to accessorize your wardrobe, you will love the positively delightful Diorette Collection by Dior Joaillerie that was released in Summer 2010 by designer Victoire de Castellane. The collection is made up of rings, earrings, and necklaces featuring enamel flowers, lady bugs, butterflies, bumble bees, leaves and more assembled around a precious gemstone. Bold, chunky offer a little forest on your finger, all topped on a white or yellow gold band of exquisite quality. Each hand crafted piece is painstakingly designed using enamel, amethyst, diamonds, gold, silver, sapphires and other precious gem stones.


Carrera y Carrera
Carrera y Carrera’s Gardenia collection defines the term gorgeous with jewels inspired by the fragrant gardenia blossom. Part of its ‘Azucar’ (sugar in Spanish) collection it draws upon the historic ties between Cuba and Spain. In it, nostalgia and cultural pride blend to offer bold and sensual jewels in yellow and white gold highlighted by diamonds, pearls, onyx and deep red enamel. Its striking drop earrings feature lifelike gardenia blooms on South Sea pearls, dangling from gold stems held in place by neat knots. It is matched beautifully by the Maxi Gardenia necklace portraying a large gardenia with a rose cut diamond in its heart, alternatively offered with petals ‘painted’ over with red enamel.


Going through Boucheron’s 150 year archive its craftsmen discovered a pair of brooches echoing a powder puff from the ‘50s era. This inspired the new Ma Jolie (my lovely) collection which is pervaded by a delightful lightness, volume and radiance. Its white or rose gold ring has undulating circles of multicolored stones or diamonds that dance around a central bezel set stone of orange sapphire, diamond or pink tourmaline. It includes earrings, bracelets and flirty sautoir gold necklaces coming in two different lengths, sprinkled with powder puff motifs of diamonds and sapphires. Its bewitching brooch transforms into a hairclip or a pendant on its Ma Jolie sautoir necklaces.

Both a source of inspiration to Cartier and a symbol, its Trinity collection’s three intertwined bands of pink, white and yellow gold with pave diamonds transcend time as bands with true meaning for anyone at any age, with no preconceived ideas. As a circle, they define a certain type of natural yet classic French elegance. As a collection full of sparkle, light and movement Trinity’s long chains, earrings and necklaces take sensuous beauty to the extremes. Its highly popular ring of love is the future of generations and a symbol of the ring finger.

Annamaria Cammilli
Floral mystique has always attained special heights in the hands of Florentine artist and designer Annamaria Cammilli. This year, her inspiration was nature’s energy, translated into fascinating pendants, earrings and rings in the new Cocoon, Spirit, Lagoon, Ninphea and Twist collections. They feature the curves, folds and colours of water, countryside and rippling sand. Satin finishes and audacious light and colour effects characterize her new creations, while welcoming such stones like amethysts, pink pearls, quartz of the most refined colours and diamonds sparkling like water droplets on satin finish flower petals.
David Morris
This season, David Morris unveiled its magnificent new MoDa’s Touch diamond necklace collection.  Featuring strands of rose-cut white diamonds with white micro-set surround, the pieces capture the beauty of sparkling water droplets that have frozen mid air! Since the 50’s the brand has captivated women everywhere. Winning two diamond international awards, Morris has also designed one-off pieces for several James Bond films. His designs blend vision and originality with select gems handpicked for every glittering jewel. David Morris is exhibiting at JWS Abu Dhabi (10 - 14 November 2010).

Paspaley, the acclaimed Australian pearling pioneer and distinguished jewellery house, reveals a classic creation in its Paspaley unique collection. Crafted from 18K white gold it comprises 24 very rare Paspaley Australian South Sea cultured perfect round pearls with 11.13 carats of white diamonds and pink sapphires weighing pink 26.33 carats, matched with earrings. In it, bewitching three-petal flowers fall like a tassel from its   sumptuous pearl line up to present a gorgeous jewel for the discerning woman. The natural colour, lustre and genuine Australian provenance of every Paspaley South Sea pearl is guaranteed for each piece purchased at its dedicated stores across the globe.

Pomellato’s classically Italian Capri collection opens its doors to two new gemstones: translucent light blue chalcedony and romantic, dusty pink hued rose quartz. Set with rock crystal on a delicate rose gold chain their lightness and brightness is emphasized. Its long awaited chandelier earrings are feminine and delicate, with stones resembling flower petals invisibly set to give the impression of a tiny soft pink and light blue cloud hanging from the ear offering an ethnic twist. Equally impressive are hand crafted cocktail rings offering a dramatic contrast to the delicate hues of the stones in pale blue and soft pink.

Encapsulating Brazilian joie de vivre and inspired by tropical colour, Samba music of the 80’s and coastal style, designer Naqib Tabbah’s Copacabana bracelets are all the rage today. With colours to delight and combinations of stones and metals to mesmerize, the Coapacabana by Tabbah collection comprises a choice of ten bracelet straps crafted in high quality crocodile leather. They come in ten vibrant hues featuring Tabbah’s Divine Serpent motif rendered in a variety of 18k yellow or white gold clasp, stones and settings such as semi-pave settings with diamond and eyes set with rubies and emeralds. Offering limitless possibilities for customers to create their own styles, it means that your bracelet will truly be one of a kind! Its latest two bracelets launched just in time for Eid – Allah and Mashallah – celebrate love for God with elegant Arabic calligraphy. 


Tiffany & Co.
At the recent 2010 US Open, tennis champion Maria Sharapova sported earrings from Tiffany’s new Tiffany for Maria Sharapova collection of drop earrings. They combine yellow and white diamonds in platinum and 18k gold. Sharapova said that wearing Tiffany diamonds on or off the court was always a special experience.

Tiffany has an unparalleled reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Apart from its much hailed bridal collections it also offers great jewels for a couple to gift close ones. One such is the new Tiffany Garden, where both rose cut and brilliant cut diamonds capture spring’s fresh exuberance in pendant chains and drop earrings.    
British jeweler Garrard has a rich heritage dating back to 1722, which makes it one of the world’s oldest jewellers. Since 1843, when Queen Victoria bestowed the honour of Crown Jeweller on the company, Garrard has served six successive monarchs. One of the most enduring images of Queen Victoria is of her wearing a small diamond crown made by Garrard in 1870. Its stunning collections harness a unique past with modern day relevance. This season its new creation is the show-stopping Georgina Chapman for Garrard Bow Earrings. Showcasing white gold settings with pink rubies in a variety of cuts, it presents a festive jewel of true delight.


LIALI Jewellery
LIALI Jewellery, the leading retailer of fine jewellery in Dubai since 1999, in association with the World Gold Council unfurled its new ‘Liali Gold’ collection for Diwali, the Indian ‘Festival of Lights’, which falls on November 5 this year. Designed by the well known Italian design house Lorenzo Ungari, it presents handcrafted bold yet lightweight necklaces, bracelets and rings featuring diamond cuts. The special promotion also offers attractive gifts: for jewellery worth AED 2,000/ onwards, you get LIALI’s special Jewellery Cleaning Kit: for jewellery over AED 3000/ you get a free 24K gold plated memento while jewellery up to AED 5,000, one gets a Kimono Pearl necklace free and for jewellery over AED 10,000 customers get an exclusive jewellery storage box free.

Going all out to make this Diwali, the popular Indian festival, truly grand is Damas the leading retailer of jewellery and watches in the Middle East which unveils 14 stunning collections along with an unbeatable mega promotion! They include 7 master designs in its Legacy, Ananya, new Mirage, Kiku Pearls, Harmony, Gehna and new ‘musical’ Anmol bracelets and bangles collection. Priced between AED 1,990/ to AED 19,990/, for every purchase of diamond jewellery worth AED 500/ or gold jewellery worth AED 2,500/ you will get 22k gold coins in multiples. While for every purchase worth AED 4,000/ and above you receive 22k gold coins plus a pearl jewellery set free! Purchases worth AED 8,000/ and above present you an exclusive jewellery box free in addition to your other gifts. And finally, for every purchase worth AED 12,000/ and above you will get a 24k gold foil rose in addition to all the other glamorous gifts! The mega promotion runs Oct 20 - Nov 7, 2010 at select Damas 22k shops in UAE as well as in Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait and includes Easy Payment Plans from leading banks you can avail, with zero per cent interest over six months.