Reptilian intentions

14 Jan 2015

Snake it all over and turn reptilian with a vengeance! Leading fashion houses are out to tempt you with reptilian textures and prints such as snake, lizard, alligator or crocodile, both faux and real, which now come in a rainbow of colours

Balenciaga has a neat, swanky tote sporting croc texture in bright blue while Bulgari goes for a fiery, orangish-red and black combo which comes... Read More

The Leopard Lure

06 Dec 2014


It is said that though a leopard can leap an astonishing seven feet, unfortunately, it would take much more than that to save the beautiful animal which is fast disappearing from our wildlife reserves around the world due to mankind’s greed.

But none the less, you can bring attention to its plight by adorning yourself with leopard-print attire and accessories which... Read More

Pure fur fashion

05 Nov 2014


Fur is never too much when you need to brave the chill. So leading fashion brands go all out to present their most sumptuous and luxurious designs this autumn-winter season just for you

Fur may be a controversial topic among both animal lovers and environmentalists, but there’s no denying the fact that in the world’s coldest climates where sub-zero temperatures... Read More

Green is the new Goddess

03 Nov 2014

They’ve been shouting about it from the rooftops all season that ‘Green is the new Black’ and if you’ve not heard it, it’s simply too bad (time to get those ears examined we would advice).

But even if some of you have not heard it, we only hope that you (and the rest of us included) have been actively practicing ‘Going green’. Leading designers however, have taken up the cause in... Read More

Yelling out YELLOW

03 Nov 2014

We can vouch for it. There’s a touch of ‘yellow fever’ in town this season (in the fashion world that is). It was first seen in Spring 2014 when colour specialists Pantone declared ‘Freesia’ as the shade to vouch for. And as it’s such an unabashedly sunshiny-happy hue, you are guaranteed instant attention just wherever you go. (But it’s up to you how much you can handle).

And you... Read More

Red-dy for action?

08 Oct 2014


It’s advised that you don’t see red (for obviously it hikes up one’s BP) but instead get ready for action with some va va vroom numbers flashing RED!

The colour has been touted to boost your spirits as well as energy in just any setting and is the fave colour of several cultures around the world in the East as well as the West. So embrace it with verve.

Ex... Read More

Cool Blue moments

08 Oct 2014

Dive into blue to come away refreshed! Said to be one of the most popular colours across the world and a cool colour at that, blue has an appeal that cuts across barriers. What’s more, leading designs have a tempting line-up of creations to blow your blues away!

Blue was also a latecomer used in art and decoration as it was difficult to produce. It was also not used for dyeing... Read More

The fascinating appeal of tuxedo

08 Sep 2012

Притягательность смокинга

Смокинг – неотъемлемая часть торжественных мероприятий с пометкой black tie. И он – один из старейших видов костюмов, почти не изменившихся с течением времени – а стоит помнить, что смокингу исполнилось уже 150 лет. Об этом факте хорошо помнят дизайнеры Старого и Нового света. Коллекции осень-зима 2012/2013 (разумеется, речь идет именно о... Read More

Summer trends 2012

07 Jul 2012

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Make your summer extra wonderful – rejuvenate your wardrobe with the trendiest fashion and accessories that hit the stores this season. Check out our latest discoveries from the leading fashion brands available at Dubai’s shopping malls.


Get ‘new-season’ ready, and dive into 2012’s most fabulous Spring/Summer trends to kick start your... Read More

Mix and prints for summer’s fashion

09 Jun 2012

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Mix and prints for summer’s fashion


One of the biggest trends for the season is the use of collage of prints as wonderfully showcased on the runway by the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chloe, Matthew Williamson, to name a few. In this issue, feast on our amazing picks of looks, shoes, bags and other accessories that fit... Read More