Art from the Heart

07 May 2015

To take a ‘break from bling’ you have plenty of art motif touches in fashion and accessories. And they are all the rage this season for those wanting to display their eclectic taste and preference!

To set the evening’s tempo, Temperley London at Saks Fifth Avenue has a silkish, full-sleeved, midnight blue dress with self-motif, a centre split, a long shrug and a jeweled butterfly brooch on the waist to peg the look.

Valentino’s butterfly-adorned clutch is a fluttering... Read More

SS 2015 Color Trend: Yellow

08 Apr 2015

Before you scoff and say "not for me," hear us out. From amber and canary to saffron and marigold, trust that there is a shade of yellow for everyone. The trick is figuring out your skin's undertone, then finding the hue that best complements it. The following energizing and great shade for the most refreshing and smile-evoking reaction is the Custard yellow shade, which can be selected as the basic color for the combinations like those made of yellow and green and black and orange, arranged... Read More

SS 2015 Color Trend: Strawberry Ice

08 Apr 2015

Especially for the exclusive fashion fans girly coquettes pink tones also come into being for the trendiest colors of spring 2015. The sweet pale outline those garments have absolutely match the expectations and needs of the feminine and cute ladies, who never want to give up their dreamy mood and get down to the Earth. So this shade is really sweet, flattering, with pleasant overtones and really vast and cool compatibility.

... Read More

Floral merchandise

09 Mar 2015

The runways were literally blossoming as all those birds seem to have set off an explosion of flowers. What’s more you can simply pluck blooms off this season’s accessories to make a bright and exotic bouquet for yourself!

Leading the way is talented duo Dolce & Gabbana’s lacy black creation featuring bright red embroidered carnations with long stalks arranged symmetrically. Dior goes the green way (by recycling plastic) with a picturesque tote bedecked with plastic flowers and... Read More

Feathered favourites

09 Mar 2015

The season’s runways simply fluttered with feathered touches that promised to take us off to other realms on their wings!

And you could spot them just everywhere such as on an engrossing tote by Alice & Olivia featuring a bunch of butterflies fluttering down gently over a town, an eye-catching exotic Braccialini bag highlighted by tropical touches featuring bright pink flamingo portraits (did you know their pink colour is attributed to the large shrimp intake?), Philip Plein... Read More

Utterly Bootiful!!!

11 Feb 2015

Just discard those old-fashioned stockings and brave winter’s chills in the most extravagant and eye-catching style possible by simply ‘booting-it up’ this season! And we take the cue from the runways of top brands sporting lissome models strutting about with designs to die-for…

Top of the pick is Gucci with a pair of snug, snake leather, thigh-high boots that will set the opposition talking, while Loriblu’s suede black boots feature stalks of pink roses to keep those eyes riveted... Read More

Terrific textures!

11 Feb 2015

Texture has a coveted place in fashion. It not only plumps up the look of a product but adds a tactile element to it, breaking the boring monotony of an endlessly smooth veneer. Simply put -the Yin and Yang – the smooth with the rugged and the bold with the minute. You see, balance is after all the key to harmony in life…

Recognizing this secret is Chanel’s gold number proudly flaunting its double C logo over it,  Louis Vuitton’s red and black bag with white crisscross stitches... Read More

Studded distractions

14 Jan 2015

Yet another strong trend this season comes by way of studs. They not only stand out they also have a powerful glint of gold. (Eureka! So that could be the secret to their attraction. Mankind’s eternal love for the yellow metal…)

Aigner displays its love for all things equestrian by ‘studding’ a skin-colour belt with its hoof-shaped logo. Instant brand recognition apart (for Aigner of... Read More

Reptilian intentions

14 Jan 2015

Snake it all over and turn reptilian with a vengeance! Leading fashion houses are out to tempt you with reptilian textures and prints such as snake, lizard, alligator or crocodile, both faux and real, which now come in a rainbow of colours

Balenciaga has a neat, swanky tote sporting croc texture in bright blue while Bulgari goes for a fiery, orangish-red and black combo which comes... Read More

The Leopard Lure

06 Dec 2014


It is said that though a leopard can leap an astonishing seven feet, unfortunately, it would take much more than that to save the beautiful animal which is fast disappearing from our wildlife reserves around the world due to mankind’s greed.

But none the less, you can bring attention to its plight by adorning yourself with leopard-print attire and accessories which... Read More