Turkmen Carpet Holiday is celebrated with participation of foreign connoisseurs of ancient art

By Aliheydar_Rzayev Sunday, 02 June 2019 12:59 PM

Turkmen Carpet Holiday is celebrated with participation of foreign connoisseurs of ancient art

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Turkmenistan capital – Ashgabat city, held International exhibition Turkmen Carpet: The World Decoration and XIX Conference of the World Turkmen Carpet Connoisseurs Association. The Ministry of textile Industry and Trade and Industrial Chamber were the hosts of big profile review.

Handmade carpet weaving remained until our days mainly due to the fact that its secrets were passed from generation to generation as precious family heirloom from the old times. Today, dynasties of excellent masters of carpet weaving, which include talented youth, are well known in the country.

Honouring of famous carpet makers and best personnel of production was held these days at all facilities of the industry. best personnel were delegated to white-marble capital for participation in the events timed to Turkmen Carpet Holiday.

Big exhibition of carpets and carpet articles has been expanded in the exhibition halls of National Museum of Turkmen Carpet and at neatly decorated grounds on surrounding territory. The collection of this unique museum has around 2,000 priceless rarities and modern masterpieces of carpet heritage of Turkmen nation. From early morning, celebration atmosphere was reigning around National Museum of Turkmen Carpet. Members of the Government, deputies of the Mejlis, heads of ministries and departments, diplomatic missions accredited in Turkmenistan, representatives of public organizations, profile facilities and famous carpet makers from all velayats of the country took part in the opening ceremony.

Guests from different states including from Germany, France, China, Saudi Arabia, turkey, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and other countries have come to our country to participate in the event. The delegations included the heads and specialists of scientific and cultural centres and big carpet weaving facilities, trade companies as well as the delegates of the World Turkmen Carpet Connoisseurs Association.

Bright exposition at the territory surrounding the museum offered the guest to take a walk along improvised Turkmen village and have a look inside the tents where skilful masters weaved and dyed the thread and distributed it on machines and created traditional patterns of outstanding beauty right in front of the eyes of amazed public. Completed works of different sizes were presented at the same place. Exhibits of the exposition are unique art articles, which include not only carpets but national fabrics, samples of women dress decorated with embroidery and jewellery made wonderful picture of rich historical and cultural heritage of Turkmens.

The guests were hurrying to capture amazing classical and ornamental carpets, panels, magnificent works by their photo and video cameras with admiration. Every place of improvised village was showing colourful picture of painstaking work of carpet makers, entire chain of work on future carpet. Processes of preparation and dying of yarn, making of colourful felt mats, national dress, embroidery and other crafts were presented there. After, the guests and participants of the review went to the halls of National Museum of Turkmen Carpet where honouring ceremony of personnel of the sphere took place. According to the Order of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, sixteen masters were awarded with title of the Honoured Carpet Maker of Turkmenistan for big merits in development of national carpet weaving art and on occasion of Turkmen Carpet holiday.

In his books dedicated to national carpets, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov writes that glory of ancient handmade art has not faded with the centuries as colours have not got pale on Turkmen carpets not stopping to impress numerous connoisseurs from different parts of the planet. This was discussed at XIX Conference of the World Turkmen Carpet Connoisseurs Association, which was held in the conference hall of the Ministry of Textile Industry.

This international organization unites representatives of scientific and business world, art and antique collectors and amateurs from many countries of the world. The participants of the forum noted that Turkmen carpet went through the ages reflecting the milestone of history and spiritual and moral values of people in its ornaments.

At present time of modern technologies, it absorbs new colours enriching itself with realities of modern life and remains the model of artistic expressiveness. Knowledge of all secrets of carpet weaving, understanding of the depth of life-asserting philosophy and richest historical and cultural practice of Turkmen people are supported by international exhibitions and scientific conferences, which are held in Ashgabat and foreign countries and giving opportunities for activation of art and business contacts.

Reports of foreign and national experts who touched upon current issues of study of the history handmade carpet weaving in different countries of the region and the world, mutual influence of traditions of decorative and applied art have been presented at the conference. Special attention was paid to economic aspects of development of carpet industry, objectives of implementation of scientific and technical developments into production of paints and yarn. Concert of art masters of the country, which programme included literature, musical and folklore compositions, dances, folk songs and modern works, was held in honour of the holiday. 
Diplomas and certificate award ceremony to the participants ofn international carpet exhibition was held under the forum.