Under Cartier’s magical spell…

By egor Tuesday, 22 November 2016 4:15 PM

Under Cartier’s magical spell…

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The ‘King of Jewellers and Jeweller to the Kings’, Cartier unfurls yet another magnum opus of pure bedazzlement. In it, the eye surrenders to sheer magic as the French luxury icon transforms sublime stones and precious materials into virtuoso creations where light is captured and enshrined forever. Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubellites, beryls...as if under a spell of myth and magic unfold designs and colours that come alive in the art of the Cartier Magicien collection...

In this realm, the gaze rebounds from one sparkling facet to another. Call it what you will, Illusion, Mystery or Fascination. In the Maestro’s hand, design masters the stroke, the exactness of the lines which, little by little, liberate movement, magnify energy and initiate rhythm. Visual bearings blur as the gaze wanders, moves on, rebounds from one sparkling facet to another lost in beauty’s wonder…

Movement and adaptability define the Cartier Magicien collection with necklaces whose length can be modified in an instant, removable gemstone pendants which can be detached and mounted on a ring and floral motifs which can be worn as a brooch. And magic being the realm, each stunning creation is named after a magical terms such as Incantation, Oracle, Magie Blanche, Luminance, Illumination, Clairvoyance and more.

Needless to say under Cartier’s expert hands, the designs match the emotion and association behind the terms fabulously. For instance, its Oracle necklace crafted in platinum is set with three rectangular-shaped round-cornered step-cut Colombia emeralds is commanding and fit for a priestess.

On the other hand its Incantation series replicates the essence of a chant which is repetitive. Tiny geometric designs paved with precious diamonds interlace on necklace named after it, whose length and dimensions can be changed. A removable sapphire is fastened onto the glorious corolla of the unfolded necklace; and, when detached, it can be mounted onto a ring for mood magic.

Bristling with energy is the strikingly attractive Cinetique bracelet in white gold where a 40.57-carat emerald from Brazil asserts its presence with square emeralds, onyx and brilliant-cut diamonds.

The Illumination line amazingly captures the gradual dawn of wisdom by featuring one large emerald-cut diamond flanked by trapezoid-shaped step-cut diamonds, carved rock crystal, calibré-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Explosive and vibrant, light sparkles and bursts out of the diamonds. Like a breeze, a vibration scattering and radiating to infinity. With an accumulation of gemstones, a combination of cuts, Cartier captures this vivid force at its source and reveals every one of its possibilities. Refraction and diffraction, like a magical alphabet, play together in a game of never-ending reflections…

Briolettes, clusters, paved in circles or studded around a sphere... from the chain to the pendant, the diamond reigns supreme over the Paillettes Solaires necklace. Inspired by the lightness and perfectly rounded shape of a dandelion clock, Cartier has created two globes faceted with rose-cut diamonds. Inside, blazing yellow diamonds glow with a never fading light. The removable piece of chain can be worn as a bracelet.

One of the collection’s winsome pieces is the Magie Blanche bracelet fashioned in platinum and set with one 10.90-carat fancy brown-yellow pear-shaped rose-cut diamond, one 2.15-carat briolette-cut diamond, briolette-cut diamonds, white and coloured natural pearls and brilliant-cut diamonds.

For the Quetzal set, Cartier draws inspiration from a mythical Aztec creature: the sacred feathered serpent, bridging earth and sky. The fluidity of the lines and suppleness of the tiny links paved with diamonds sit alongside exquisitely delicate feather - scales. The raised shadows of black lacquer evoke the animal’s serpentine sinuosity and at the centre glows a sugarloaf rubellite. Then, the mythical creature winds its form around the edge of the ear to create the stunning finishing touch in an extraordinary and innovative piece of jewellery.

The Quetzal bracelet is a red carpet winner blending white gold settings adorned with two sugarloaf cabochon-cut rubellites totalling 41.12 carats, black lacquer and brilliant-cut diamonds. 

A statement piece that will make you sit up is the white gold Disa bracelet/brooch featuring one 5.60-carat oval-shaped green beryl, two oval-shaped green tourmalines, three cabochon-cut star pink rubies from Burma, ruby beads, cabochon-cut rubies and brilliant-cut diamonds. The pretty floral motif can be detached and worn as a brooch.

That’s Cartier for us, always thoughtful of a woman’s mood and magic, founded in 1847 in Paris and hailed as a living legend to this day.