Why Dubai is a must-see during winter

By admin Sunday, 01 March 2015 5:35 PM

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Find out which other cities have won travelers’ votes

A winter holiday often conjures up images of snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes and quaint cottages. However, more and more travelers are increasingly becoming attracted to destinations that don’t turn into white wonderlands during the colder months.

Travel website gogobot.com has recently compiled a list of places that are attracting the most positive feedback from the traveling community.

Running on its third year, the Gogobot Travelers’ Favourite Awards seeks to celebrate the best places that its members discovered all over the world, from the most amazing hotels and restaurants to their favourite beaches and guided tours.

The 2015 award winners are featured in three major categories: top destinations, top winter destinations and the rising stars. Cities in Europe, United States (US) and Canada, with their cooler climes, dominate the list of 20 destinations sought by travelers during winter.

Claiming the 10th spot, which features Alaska and Lake Tahoe in the US, is Dubai.

According to gogobot.com, Dubai has won a significant number of votes because of its mild temperatures, “superb” beaches and wide array of activities during the coldest months of the year.

“Dubai’s weather forecast is generally hot, sometimes hotter. Wintertime has the mildest temperatures, which means it’s the perfect time to hit the beach,” according to the site.

“If you want to change things up a bit, there are also tons of cultural activities this time of year, including camel racing, film and music festivals, and even – because this is Dubai – a shopping festival.”

The top spot goes to Big Bear Lake, a city in California which is known for its snowy slopes. Taking the second position is Venice, followed by Prague, Oslo, Alaska, Lake Tahoe, Puerto Rico, Minneapolis and San Diego in the top 10.

Here is the complete list of Top Winter Destinations: Big Bear Lake, Venice, Prague, Oslo, Alasaka, Lake Tahoe, Puerto Rico, Minneapolis, San Diego, Dubai, Denver and Surrounds, Austria, Sapporo, Whistler, Chamonix, Finland, Leavenworth, Cape Town, Montreal, Jackson

Source: Gogobot.com