A world of elegance, glamour and confidence of Emperor Blue Fragrance

By Olga_Gafurova Tuesday, 12 October 2021 11:14 AM

A world of elegance, glamour and confidence of Emperor Blue Fragrance

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Emperor Blue is an international luxury brand and niche fragrance house that was founded in 2019 in London, United Kingdom. The first release of the House is a bespoke private collection of eight luxury fragrances that are developed, manufactured and produced in the south of France. Emperor Blue private collection was born from a deep reflection of bringing to the niche fragrance universe a new product defined by its uniqueness and based on high level of differentiation.
With Emperor Blue Private collection, the brand is bringing back and staying loyal to the basics of luxury: attention de details, Savoir Faire and craftsmanship. These three basics are shown in each and every step of the product creation and development from the selection of the ingredients and raw materials, to the excellent quality of the glass and box. Emperor Blue’s aim is to remain true to the great traditions of Luxury perfumes by creating rare and precious luxury products.


Emperor Blue is defined and inspired by three words that have been key to each and every aspect of the development of the product: Majesty, Royalty and Empowerment.

A Majestic and Royal Fragrance: represented by the blue color

During the Renaissance, a new, vibrant blue pigment appeared in Europe: Ultramarine. Crafted by delicately grinding the precious stone called Lapis Lazuli, Ultramarine was so expensive that it would only be used to depict Holy or Royal characters. However, it brought a new depth to the palettes of the artists of the Renaissance, who revolutionized art and culture.


Perfumes are not just about having the latest thing that everyone has gone crazy for. A scent can transform the way we feel completely. It’s a powerful tool for creating memories that will last a lifetime and a statement of personal style, just like a bag or a pair of shoes. Fragrance is such a personal and complex thing Emperor Blue wanted to create a scent that makes man and women feel empowered, confident, true to themselves. The fragrances are made to measure for people who are not afraid to show who they are, who want to be remembered, who wants to leave a print of their appearance and most importantly for people who refuse to go unnoticed.


Emperor Blue private collection is addressed to confident woman, strong and independent. She carries with her a freedom and an immutable, natural elegance.

Inspiring, unique, she’s not afraid to show her uniqueness and needs no validation. She loves to be seen and leaves a print of her appearance.


The bottle has been designed in order to fit the palm of the hand, it can easily slip it in the bag or in the pocket. Embossed with a blue leather that is the statement of the craftsmanship and the emblem of the story of the brand.

The package has been designed as a jewelry case to pay homage to the luxury of the brand.


This is a masterpiece in the craft of perfumery. Created by Cristiano Canelli, V is a timeless, memorable and an exclusive scent.

This scent is about feelings and a sense of luxury of the Bygone era. The perfumer recreated the intimacy and glamour of the European Aristocracy with subtle variation on regal ingredients.

V is a warm woman, nostalgic, she feels a longing for the past, for people and places currently out of reach. She cherishes her memories that she tries to bring back through the scents she wears to remind her of special key moments of her life.

The notes:

It’s a unique and powerfully substile fragrance drawn by an ingredient that is used for the first time in fragrances which is Bee wax.

An exquisite and classic leathery scent sweetened by notes of bee wax and majestic amber. The generous top notes of Davana make this fragrance incredibly luscious.


A fragrance that tells a story. Created by Valerie Bessone, the fragrance is glamorous, captivating and luxurious. When a woman meets a man in a beautiful setting, words become not needed. The scent of spices and rose petals on the air, the warmth of the atmosphere and the subtle language of emotions take over, leaving them in a paradise. XV is a woman full of glamour, beauty and excitement. Seductive, luxurious and charming, she’s capable of attracting and holding interest. She uses her scent as a signature and loves to be noticed and remembered by her smell.

The notes:

This graceful scent opens its path with sweet and spicy notes of saffron and warm cinnamon. The tender rosy heart blends with juicy notes of red berries and star anis. A base of Benzonia and creamy sandalwood bind the fragrance like a tender and sophisticated aura.


The most romantic fragrance of the women collection. Created by Azusa Inouie. This fragrance was inspired by the romantic and emotional moments of a woman’s life. Like a girl becomes a lady, the fragrance will blossom over time. An Ode to a woman in love; joyous, graceful and elegant.

IV is a romantic woman, graceful and very elegant. She’s in her late 20 and getting ready to become a woman and welcoming her 30. She embraces changes.

The fragrance draws the contours of a woman whose destiny opens on an infinite journey, colored by new horizons. A fresh outlook, new perspectives infuse this fragrance and illuminate the allure of this woman in search of discovery.

The notes:

It’s a very elegant and romantic fragrance drawn by flowery and powdery ingredients for a very sensual aura.

The sophisticated bright chypre floral scent is balanced with mesmerizing clear fresh notes of neroli and sensual nuances of peach and red berries. Narcotic notes of jasmine and frangipani accompany a deeper base of mossy patchouli and musk.


Created by Laure Santorini, this fragrance has been inspired by the Peony. An exuberant flower, symbol of romance and prosperity, with wonderful colors and a soft and delicate fragrance.

A perfume that captures the spirit of effortless elegance, of confidence combined with freedom.

VI is a charming, elegant and a sensual woman. She has a fine taste, sensible to beauty. Refined, graceful she pays attention to details.

She carries with her a freedom and an immutable, natural elegance. She leaves in her wake, a fragrance that defines her everywhere she goes, in every place she travels. A perfume in her image.

The notes:

It’s a very attracting and charming fragrance drawn by floral, woody and fruity ingredients for a very sensual aura.

A regal and velvety blend of luscious peach, uplifted by the zesty notes of grapefruit and bergamot. The romantic floral heart of rose and peony petals lies on a soft smoked base of Virginia cedar wood and sweet vanilla.