Abu Dhabi’s power-packed attractions

By admin Wednesday, 05 September 2012 8:00 PM

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Abu Dhabi’s power-packed attractions

The UAE capital Abu Dhabi is rich in tourist attractions. In addition to historical sites and nature reserves, it is famous for its modern theme parks with unique attractions. Thrill seekers can look forward to a wet and wild ride at Abu Dhabi’s very first water   entertainment destination Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi when it opens later this year with a spectacular collection of speed slides, surfable sheet waves, tornados, looping water slides and more. Located adjacent to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi on Yas Island it brings the legend of ‘Dana’ – a young Emirati girl in search of a legendary pearl which brought prosperity to the people of her village – and her adventures involving friendly local animals and evil pearl-grabbing bandits, to life through the Middle East’s most technologically advanced rides and interactive shows such as the Pearl Dive Show and Pearlmasters, as well as roaming characters and mascots. It features several world and regional firsts with more rides, slides and attractions than any other waterpark in the Middle East, and includes restaurants, shops and interactive shows to entertain all ages.


Signature rides include Dawwama – the first and longest hydromagnetic-powered tornado in the world, Bubbles’ Barrel – the world’s largest surfable sheet wave, Falcon’s Falaj – the Middle East’s longest water slide and Liwa Loop – the region’s first and only high-intensity looping waterslide. Other rides and attractions expected to be especially popular include Qaryat Al Jewana Village with its traditional souq-like architecture, the adrenaline-pumping Slither’s Slides – a maze of 6 slides, tunnels, twists, turns, rattle areas and giant snake heads, and Bandit Bomber – the region’s longest suspended rollercoaster and the very first to feature onboard water and laser special effects.


Al Ain’s stunning new attractions


The UAE has always defied odds to offer the tourist the most unbelievable entertainment and adventure sports in its desert environment. Notable among which is SkiDubai. Now it’s beautiful garden city of Al Ain it presents the new Wadi Adventure, the Middle East’s first man-made white water rafting, kayaking & surf facility, located at the base of picturesque Jebel Hafeet and adjacent to Green Mubazzarah in Al Ain.


It features three white water channels for rafting and kayaking; namely Green, Blue and the grade 4 river with around 13,000 obstacles Black run, with a combined length of 1,113 meters. Wadi Adventure is the place for surfers from all over the Middle East to team up at the 127 m long surf pool and driven by over 3 meter high breaking barrel waves that will be generated every 90 seconds. Ideal for free surfing, body boarding, knee boarding, kite boarding; the list stretches.


The park also features an aerial adventure course which includes: A 18 obstacle two leveled Air Park [where the only goal is to get around the course without falling off the obstacles], a 14m high Zip Line [zip 200 meters over channels and lakes], Climbing Wall [with auto belay systems and different challenges/levels] and a 45 feet high Giant Swing [free fall while attached to a giant log]. It has shaded and temperature controlled pools for kids and on Tuesday’s at Wadi Adventure is fully operated by female staff as its Ladies’ Night. It also offers lessons for groups or on a one on one basis with professional instructors.


Founded in 1968 by the late HH Sheikh Zayed, in his favourite emirate Al Ain, is its must-see attraction, the sprawling Al Ain Zoo, a family destination, with over 4,300 animals that offers entertainment and learning experiences in a natural outdoor environment. Home to an internationally important conservation programme focusing on the wildlife of the world’s arid regions, it  is involved in conservation research, captive breeding and propagation and the reintroduction of threatened species to their wild habitats with its collection of desert antelopes recognized as among the best in the world. In March, the zoo welcomed the birth of five Arabian sand gazelles.

Bird lovers will be excited to know that the zoo announced the addition of two Kori Bustards to the Spoonbill Aviary, further complimenting the zoo’s collection of over 300 birds encompassing more than 25 different species. four Eland antelopes, a spiral-horned antelope that lives in the savannah and plains of East and Southern Africa and the largest antelope in the African continent, to the diverse array of African wildlife in the African Mixed Exhibit. Earlier this year, it celebrated the birth of the first white rhino calf, a rhino species which is the world’s largest land mammal after the elephant. The fascinating enclosure of Vervet monkeys, terappins and a Nile crocodile is a unique attraction and houses species which occur in the same habitat in the wild – a tactic that Al   Ain Zoo strives to implement as enrichment for their animals.