Arabic Language Centre provides memorable experiences to guests

By Huiming_Shi Monday, 02 April 2018 12:59 PM

Arabic Language Centre provides memorable experiences to guests

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Last week, over 50 residents and visitors to Dubai from all over the UAE gathered at the Arabic Language Centre to attend the Open house event which was held on the 20th of March, 2018. The event offered a rich program and was a great experience for the attendees who received a hands-on training on the Arabic language as well as an introduction to its culture.


The language session was a blend of basic social and business Arabic with an introduction to simple terminology of immediate use in the day to day social and business contexts.

Moreover, the cultural session offered participants a peek at the Emirati culture, its history and traditions, and its Do’s and Don’ts.   


Anne Brodie and Paul Stapp, a grand parent’s couple from New Zealand who came for family visit to Dubai, were among the attendees of the open house event, and they expressed their joy in having such experience. They suggested adding it on the list of the special experiences in Dubai. The couple who were completely new to the Arabic language were thrilled to learn few basics Arabic words and expressions in no time.

Anna, an education professional with decades of experience in New Zealand, revealed that ALC’s method was very efficient, simple and full of fun. “I thought learning Arabic is practically impossible but this experience changed my perception and it motivated me to learn more about this rich and interesting language and culture” said Anna.

From his side, Paul a retired government employee was overwhelmed by the experience and captivated by the Emirati culture. He wore an “ assamah”, which is a comfortable style of wearing the traditional UAE head wear. “Now I have awesome tells for my grandchildren. I’m the extraordinary grandfather who speaks Arabic”, said Paul proudly.


On a closure, Mrs. Shireen Sinno, ALC’s manager introduced the ALC’s services and its teaching style. She expressed her gratitude and joy of receiving such great people to the open house and was glad to hear that the overall experience was memorable to everyone. The event also included Arabic music, national Arab costumes, and traditional Arabic food and beverages. Beside the great time we had, ALC gave away Arabic calligraphic name panels to the attendees as souvenirs.


About ALC: Founded in the Dubai World Trade Centre in 1980, the Arabic Language Centre is specialised in teaching Arabic as a foreign language to adults and children. The Arabic Language Centre employs a unique and proven effective language teaching approach that enables learners to communicate with confidence and perform real-life tasks. Our classes are student-cantered, fun and interactive, and they transfer learners from the Beginners to the Advanced levels following our long-established curriculum. ALC has welcomed thousands of students since its establishment and has catered to many of Dubai’s most reputable corporations. ALC is licensed by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).