CASIO to announce collaboration with Alpha Publication for an advanced mathematical education experience

By Olga_Gafurova Wednesday, 12 October 2022 6:05 PM

CASIO to announce collaboration with Alpha Publication for an advanced mathematical education experience

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CASIO Middle East FZE, the regional subsidy of CASIO Computer Co. Ltd., leading education technology company, has partnered up with the Alpha Publishing the international provider of learning solutions in the region offering high-quality programs and resources for students of all levels.

CASIO has been working around the world to the further enhancement of mathematics learning, by using the CASIO scientific calculator as a tool of educational technology integration with an objective to support students learning through STEM approach by integrating the areas of science, technology, engineering to provide hands on and relevant experiences to the students

Speaking about the collaboration, Takashi Seimiya, Managing Director at CASIO Middle East said: “We are pleased to collaborate with Alpha Publishing, the main aim for this collaboration is to inspire students to learn mathematics and how to use technological tools like the scientific calculator to improve their performance and increase their prospects of pursuing STEM careers.”

Alpha Publishing has been a leading educational publisher that specializes in producing high -quality programs and resources for education, we are longingly expecting a fruitful collaboration to be able to support teachers and students who utilize these calculators to achieve better mathematical education using CASIO scientific calculator since our company is well known for supporting and sustaining the professional development of mathematicians.

furthermore, Mr. Ramiz Haddadin, General Manager of Alpha Publishing in Dubai, commented on the collaboration, “We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Casio. As a leading education learning solution provider, this partnership will complement Alpha Publishing’s core programs and enrich the educational content provided to students supporting them on their personalized learning journeys”.

The collaboration ceremony took place at Crown Plaza Hotel on 29th September. The management team of both partners, CASIO and Alpha Publishing, attended the ceremony and conducted an informative workshop about the effective use of technology to advance math education.