Damiani Inaugurates its Middle East Flagship Store in Dubai Mall

By egor Tuesday, 26 December 2017 1:40 PM

Damiani Inaugurates its Middle East Flagship Store in Dubai Mall

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Damiani, Luxury Fine Jewelers, Made in Italy since 1924, are delighted to announce the official inauguration of its prestigious new boutique in the heart of Dubai Mall. Damiani is the brand leader in the Italian market in the production and sale of exquisite, hand-made, fine jewelry and watches. Damiani Boutiques are located in Italy and can be found around the world in the most luxury shopping enclaves which now includes Dubai.

Damiani was founded in Valenza in 1924 and is now managed by the third generation of the family.  Guido, President and Silvia and Giorgio Damiani, Vice Presidents.  Damiani is the only international brand which has designed and produced jewelry since its creation and one of the few international luxury brands managed by the founder’s direct descendants. Every Damiani piece of jewelry is the result of painstaking creativity, exclusive design, and infinite attention to detail combined with the most exquisite gems.

In the beautifully interior-designed, new, Dubai Mall boutique, the Maison showcases its most stunning and sophisticated fine jewelry collections including its iconic Belle Epoque and D-ICON collections as well as breathtaking sets of other collections from the Maison. All stones are of the highest quality, ethically sourced and come with certification.

The Damiani boutique is a treasure trove that showcases the magic and skill of its high-end manufacturing and excellence honed over many years since its creation in 1924.  The Dubai boutique contains some of the brand's most precious creations including enchanting unique pieces such as the Juliette necklace and ring, the Vanità jewelry set, and the Marrakech necklace and earrings.  The Damiani ‘Minou’ diamond setting distinguishes Damiani solitaries from other fine jewelry brands and can also be engraved and personalized The Damiani boutique brings the finest Italian craftsmanship to the United Arab Emirates and a style which was founded from Enrico Damiani perfecting and creating designs for the most noble Italian families and royalty to the current day and its reputation as one of the most desirable Italian luxury jewelry houses. 

Natural hues used throughout, from sand to dark bronze, define the boutique interior, while refined materials used throughout make for a refined and elegant finish. The boutique is complemented by a selection of astounding glass artworks by Venini, a prestigious brand from Murano, Venice which is part of the Damiani Group.  The furnishings and architectural details create a feeling of peaceful elegance while a sequence of two sinuous panels conceal two VIP salons one is for private appointments while the other showcases the artistic glassware by Venini.