Del Core takes part in Cartier's Le Voyage Recommonce high jewelry collection presentation

By Olga_Gafurova Monday, 26 June 2023 7:24 PM

Del Core takes part in Cartier's Le Voyage Recommonce high jewelry collection presentation

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As a fashion house based on the principle that beauty is not static, Del Core naturally fosters dialogues that know no boundaries, expansions of creative possibilities. Del Core took part in the collection presentation of the new Cartier High Jewelry Collection launch Le Voyage Recommencé that was hosted on May 24th in Florence.

The new Cartier collection - an exploration of the Maison's savoir-faire and creative practices experienced through the light of a new prism, celebrating the purity of lines, the balance of shapes and volumes, the play of proportions and the final harmony intrinsic to every Cartier piece – was presented on models wearing custom-made Del Core creations. Taking inspiration from the deep, or bright, colors of the gems, from the flowing yet precise shapes of the jewels, Daniel Del Core created sixteen unique pieces - gowns, a pantsuit, a top and trousers suit - that dialogue with Cartier while reassessing the defining Del Core codes.

The beauty of mutation and transformation is what I am after. It is also what links my work to Cartier: their ability in turning raw gems into jewels through painstaking manual craft guided by vision and fantasy is unparalleled. This is the essence of creation, I believe, and Cartier expresses it in the highest way. This collaboration has been intensely inspiring and rewarding” said Daniel Del Core.

The collection is a celebration of beauty and feminine power through masterful draping, architectural cut, and lines that flow around the body, enhancing glamor and movement. The result is a veritable journey, across crafts and luxury, that moves from Cartier’s ornate and glistening to pure couture splendor, celebrating beauty as a plural act.