Dentist Direct brings holistic dental care to UAE

By Huiming_Shi Thursday, 21 January 2016 11:05 AM

Dentist Direct brings holistic dental care to UAE

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Dentist Direct, a UK-based expert in dentistry, introduces a holistic approach to dental care, offering painless, safe and gentle treatments and procedures that will make every visit to the dentist an enjoyable journey.


The dental group opened its first clinic in Dubai, in the Tecom area which is an ideal location for residents living between Sheikh Zayed Road, Emirates Hills, Al Barsha, Palm Jumeirah, Springs, The Lakes and Meadows. Plans are underway to open multiple dental clinics this year, to promote dental health and fitness.  If you don't take care of your teeth and properly manage your oral health, you may find yourself forking over multiple thousands of dirhams in restorative dental care.


Dr. M. Banker, Regional Head of Dentist Direct, said: “We have seen a number of patients spending anywhere from AED 25,000 to AED 100,000 for oral rehabilitation, and the agony and cost could have easily been avoided had they opted for routine dental fitness.   We want to inform the public that due to the advances in the field of dentistry, the procedure that they need using the latest technology can be done here, without paying extra for the cost. After a careful study of these aspects, we have decided to expand in the UAE with our first clinic opening in Dubai.”


Preventive dentistry will help early diagnosis of many diseases like oral cancer, and is proven to improve the prognosis of many other systemic diseases.   


She added: “Dentist Direct is the dentist for people who don’t like the dentist. To a lot of people, a visit to the dentist can be unpleasant, with the worry of the cost, the inconvenience and the thought of discomfort making us all scared and anxious. However, we are introducing a whole new approach to dental care which makes fear of dentist a thing of the past. We offer syringeless and comfortable preventive dentistry which saves a lot of money and protect the patient’s oral health. Our warm and welcoming team will ensure that each patient is pampered and cared for in a friendly environment. Patient delight is our Motto.”


Dentist Direct presents The Wand STA, the first and market-leading computer controlled local anesthetic system which replaces the syringe injections. The Wand STA performs all dental anaesthesia techniques in a more effective way so patients feel less discomfort or pain during the procedure. 


To offer the comprehensive dental care, we use the most modern technology available including a 3D scanner, a digital Xray unit that can take conventional digital Xray and digital 3D views for modern diagnosis and treatment planning. In addition, Dentist Direct has the latest non-invasive techniques and revolutionary Waterlase technology which means no more drills, quicker procedures, and speedier recoveries. 


Dr Neil Mitchell, Principal Dentist of Dentist Direct, added: “At Dentist Direct we focus on a holistic approach to dental care because we believe that oral health is a key part of an individual’s general health. If you are orally and dentally healthy that positively influences your general health and well being. So by making a patient orally healthy we are helping to make him or her generally healthy.”


He added: “We listen carefully to the concerns of our patients and ensure that their well-being, comfort and convenience are at the forefront of our approach. We have the latest technology that makes the job and the patient’s journey easier. You will find syringe-free dentistry, drill-less procedures and laser whitening at Dentist Direct Dubai so there are no more reasons to fear the dentist.”


Dentist Direct Dubai also offers cosmetic procedures and advanced solutions such as implants, orthodontics (teeth straightening), whitening and a hygienist who can treat everything from advanced gum disease to stain removal.  With flexible appointments, convenient parking and a friendly environment, your visit to the dentist will never be the same.


For more of their services, please call +971 4 455 9398, +971 56 192 3093 visit their website at or their social media page