Discover White Iris Beauty Spa Summer Special at Hotel Continentale in Florence, by Lungarno Collection

By Olga_Gafurova Wednesday, 09 August 2023 4:47 PM

Discover White Iris Beauty Spa Summer Special at Hotel Continentale in Florence, by Lungarno Collection

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Just steps from landmarks such as the Uffizi Gallery and the Duomo, Hotel Continentale houses a haven of tranquility at White Iris Beauty Spa, tucked away from the bustle of Florence.

Set within Hotel Continentale, White Iris Beauty Spa combines the grandeur of Italian fashion’s golden age with contemporary design elements for a relaxing spa experience in the historic city. The warm Italian soul of Lungarno Collection is carried out through expert beauticians and therapists in a space of wellbeing and world-class hospitality.

White Iris’s spa menu includes a range of lavish spa rituals as well as skin care, body treatments, toning, manicure and pedicure services, many incorporating products from the Comfort Zone skin care line.

Beat jet lag by booking the rest-inducing Tranquility Pro-Sleep Ritual, which acts on three different sensorial pathways (olfactive, tactile and hearing) to provide a good night’s sleep to even the redeye traveler. The Tranquility Pro-Sleep treatment achieves a sound sleep through an exclusive blend of essential oils, a scientific sound technique inspired by Indonesian massage practices, and the use of soft brushes to aid in recovery from a long-haul flight. To harmoniously resonate body, mind, and soul, try the Tibetan Sound Massage, a unique massage ritual and ex- traordinary treatment  with traditional Tibetan singing bowls. To feel rejuvenated in the morning, try the Bagni Montalcino Mudan intensive treatment with Velona Castle’s thermal water with detoxifying and anti-cellulite actions. A blend of essential oils encourages a profound purification of tissues, while the Fucus and Laminaria algae promote lipolytic action.

Hotel Continentale, Lungarno Collection, is located at Vicolo dell’Oro, 6r, 50123 Florence, Italy. For more information, please visit

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