French Haute Parfumerie marks regional entry with spectacular boutique in The Dubai Mall

By Olga_Gafurova Sunday, 30 September 2018 10:52 AM

French Haute Parfumerie marks regional entry with spectacular boutique in The Dubai Mall

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A truly emotional moment for the family and team of Henry Jacques, September 2018 saw the inauguration of its first boutique in the Middle East. With the opening of the breathtaking space, housed within the new Fashion Avenue extension of The Dubai Mall, comes a realisation of countless years of uncompromised dedication to great perfumery, and a commitment to honour its strong, long-lived ties to the region.

“Rare are the cultures sharing such a strong love for perfumes, and out of esteem for our special clients, my father Henry never accepted to dedicate a space that would not live up to their mutual passion. I am honoured and joyful that we now celebrate our meaningful history and deep-rooted connections with the Middle East, and especially the United Arab Emirates, through this beautiful project in one of the most iconic locations in Dubai,” said Anne-Lise Cremona, CEO, Henry Jacques.

Henry Jacques embodies almost half a century of excellence and creativity, celebrated around the world by those with a flair for the finest of fragrances. Born of Founder Henry Cremona’s world travels, his inexhaustible passion and his wondrous encounter with one of the last great noses of the old French Perfume tradition, the Maison is one of the last family-run perfumeries. The laboratory houses thousands of scents and only the most precious and exclusive ingredients, so loved by those with a taste for absolute refinement, and an obsession for rarity and olfactory perfection.

The unique style of the new Middle Eastern flagship boutique embodies the visionary spirit that underlines Henry Jacques’ standing as one of the most revered perfume houses ever. Designed by Christophe Tollemer, esteemed French architect and Henry Jacques’ Artistic Director, it is a haven of scents inspired by an 18th century French castle. By bringing to life beautiful yet often forgotten crafts, the boutique gracefully blends the illustriousness of the past with modern-day elegance and charm.

Visitors are first welcomed in an exquisite lounge covered in antique stones and abstract art pieces creating striking contrast. A comfortable sitting area offers guests the opportunity to discover the Henry Jacques ‘Classiques’ collection, the core of the maison’s universe made up of fifty signature fragrances, as well as other offerings and accessories.

Continuing through the space to the heart of the boutique, one finds a tall lit panel - a symbol of the Henry Jacques laboratory - surrounded on either side by two astonishing circular perfume organs. It is the first time that the company presents the entire essence collection in such a grandiose manner; this is the true heart of the boutique, paying homage to Henry Jacques’ entire lifestyle of essences.

A graceful foyer separates the Private Lounge from the rest of the boutique. This secluded room, where lies the most precious collections and where special editions and bespoke perfume offerings are presented, is devoted to those with true passion. The refinement and comfort of the décor form a cocoon for one to linger and fully appreciate the rare splendour of these olfactory works of art.       

The entire boutique was conceived and assembled in France, then packed and reassembled in Dubai by Henry Jacques’ specialist design team, guaranteeing the beauty of uncompromised French craftsmanship. Tollemer has created a sanctuary where one can forget the passing of hours and dive into the infinite allurement of great perfumery. 

The Henry Jacques boutique is the second stand-alone boutique in the world, following on from the recent opening in Singapore and a longer presence at Harrod’s London. The Dubai boutique is located on the second floor of the Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue extension.

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