The grand opening of the AMAZING Museum & Gallery in Dubai

By Olga_Gafurova Thursday, 17 January 2019 5:16 PM

The grand opening of the AMAZING Museum & Gallery in Dubai

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The AMAZING Museum & Gallery, the world's first diamond jewelry art museum, opened today in Dubai. Abdullah Bin Ahmed Al Saleh, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy – Foreign Trade sector, Dr. Aaron Shum & Mr. Aqil Al Bastaki – Founders of The Amazing Gallery, Ms. Liz Li, Miss Asia 2018 -First Runner up, Mr. Abdulla Saleh AL Hammadi – Director of the National Tourism Programme, Business Partners Mr. Abdulla Moosa & Mr. Hussam Hamandouch were invited as the officiating guests to cut the ribbon.

The museum has a variety of different diamond and jewelry masterpieces, the most notable of which is the Guinness World Record "Most Valuable Guitar", which is set with an over 400 carats of diamonds and 1.6 kg of gold. The Guinness Certificate is valued at a staggering US$2 million. The “Most Diamonds set in Handbag", designed by former Miss US, warrior and Beverly Hills designer Kathrine Baumann, is hand-studded to perfection with 9,888 diamonds to create the ultimate luxury Coca-Cola bottle classic line handbag.

Dr. Aaron Shum, the founder of The AMAZING Museum & Gallery, said: "We have always emphasized that "creativity" is the core value of the museum. We believe that diamonds are not only women's beloved jewels, but can also be integrated into everyday life, such as diamonds on display. Diamond guitars, diamond cell phone cases, diamond lipstick cases, and diamond sunglasses with one diamond 18k gold around 110 USD, all on display in the museum are a perfect example of this.

The AMAZING Museum & Gallery has many of the world's finest pieces of diamond jewelry for the public to witness.

Details are as follows:

Opening date: 16th January 2019

Opening hours: 8:30am to 6:30pm

Address: Saraya Avenue, B Block, Airport Road, Garhoud, Dubai

The AMAZING Museum & Gallery

The AMAZING Museum & Gallery, owned by the expertise Jewelry Group since 1978, has successfully challenged seven Guinness World Records since 2015. Each of the Guinness World Record-holding diamond art carries a rich creative brand story. The museum aims to let the public experience the mesmerizing radiance of a diamond and its charm in a stylish and comfortable space, and learn more about the diamond creations.