'Haunted hospital' dine-in-the-dark experience coming to Noire Dubai this Halloween

By Aliheydar_Rzayev Tuesday, 17 September 2019 5:02 PM

'Haunted hospital' dine-in-the-dark experience coming to Noire Dubai this Halloween

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Noire at Fairmont Dubai is paying homage to Halloween by running what they're calling a "bone-chilling" dine-in-the-dark experience from Tuesday, October 1 to Thursday, October 31.

It's themed around a tale about a haunted hospital for the visually impaired that once sat on the hotel's grounds. "According to local legend, patients started disappearing mysteriously at the hospital some 55 years ago, eventually forcing its closure," says an official announcement for the event. "Among them, a young dark-haired woman, dressed in white, who can every now and then be seen wandering around the floors of the hotel..."

The team promises diners the "creepiest (and quite possibly the last) dinner of your life". It all starts the moment you step into the elevator from the hotel lobby. "Don't be afraid," the invitation says. "It's only going to take you on a jerky descent into your worst nightmares."

This frightful experience will be followed up by a three-course dinner (we are unable to reveal what those courses will entail, but we assume it's all edible) with paired beverages.

All "nurses" (also known as wait staff) will be equipped with night-vision goggles to help you navigate your way through this pitch-dark dining experience that's designed to heighten the rest of your senses: taste, smell, sound and touch.

There will also be a well-lit post-dining reception where diners can discuss the menu with the "ch(i)ef surgeon" (AKA, the chef).

Prices start from Dh360 for food and soft drinks. The offer will be available from Monday to Saturday, from 7.30pm, and there will only be one seating per evening and by reservation only.

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