Institut Esthederm adds advanced new products to renowned Age Management portfolio

By admin Thursday, 03 September 2015 11:09 AM

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03 September 2015, UAE:  Living in a world of extremes, the skin endures heat, cold, changing climates and pollution on a daily basis. Coupled with travel, stress and other lifestyle hazards, the skin must be able to adapt – with more resilience than ever to fight the first signs of aging.

With a unique approach to the management of skin aging, premium French skincare brand Institut Esthederm continues to lead the way, most recently introducing two ultra-high performance beauty solutions to its Age Management portfolio: Derm Repair and Active Repair

Launched in the Middle East this month (September), the new Derm Repair & Active Repair products will be available in stores from October. They offer intensive skin care treatments that are both preventive and corrective of wrinkles, particularly suited to the skin needs in the Middle East.  Light in texture but rich in active ingredients, Active Repair Wrinkle Correction Cream  offers immediate performance and long lasting results by repairing dermal micro-changes before they are transformed into wrinkles, correcting existing fine lines and wrinkles, and refining the skin’s texture to restore its radiance. With it’s light and gentle texture, adapted to the eye contour area, Active Repair Eye Contour Care attenuates puffiness and dark circles, in addition to smoothing fine lines.

Dubbed the “skin architect” thanks to its efficacy in fighting the signs of skin aging, Institut Esthederm’s Derm Repair Restructuring Serum includes technologies that preserve the cellular energy functions of the youthful skin, restructure and reorganise dermal fibres to improve firmness, fight against oxidative stress, correct existing wrinkles and continuously repair dermal micro-alterations.

Visiting Dubai from Paris for the Middle East launch, Isabelle Benoit, Director of Scientific Innovation for Institut Esthederm said:  “Understanding the dynamics of skin aging, the natural process of cutaneous self-repair and actively using the skin’s ‘re-education’ system has been at the core of our scientific studies at the Institut Esthederm Research Laboratories since 1978.  Aging skin is a concern for all women. We want to give our customers a solution that truly  combats the signs of aging. Both Derm Repair and Active Repair products boast a high concentration of regenerating active ingredients and work in harmony to provide an expert restructuring and intensive treatment for all skin types and ages. With a delicate and sensory fragrance they are easy to use and have a texture made for rapid absorption, allowing for daily use in warm climates as well as layering routines.”


The dermis, also known as the skin’s architecture is the supporting structure that is a richly hydrated and vascularized reservoir tissue consisting of specific cells called fibroblasts that continuously produce a network of fibrous structures (collagen and elastin) and glycosaminoglycans. Maintaining this complex structure is the result of a dynamic balance between the fibroblast and the matrix. With time, the dermal structure loses its functionality due to the lack of interaction between the elements that make it up, resulting in an imbalance that starts taking hold at the age of 20. The visible signs such as fine lines and wrinkles, more particularly around the eye contour and areas of facial expression start to appear between the ages of 25 and 30.

Derm Repair and Active Repair include Institut Esthederm’s Repair Technology and Restructuring Complex. Repair Technology allows for the development of specific solutions that successfully embody the daily Age Management philosophy based on continuous self-repair of the dermis while Restructuring Complex restructure and reorganize dermal fibers by stimulating lumican to create a rebuilding effect and optimize collagen functionality.

The Products

Derm Repair – a high concentrated treatment targeting the dermis that corrects wrinkles and delivers preventive and curative action on the skin’s foundation, repairing its supporting tissue before signs of aging become visible and irreversible.

For: All skin types from the age of 25.

When: Apply Institut Esthederm Derm Repair Restructuring Serum in the morning and evening, on perfectly cleansed skin, alone or before your skincare cream.

Results: Facial features appear smoothed, wrinkles and fine lines are diminished. Skin feels firmer, regenerated.

Did you know…: UVB rays stop the synthesis of collagen and UVA rays exacerbate it’s degradation. These two factors explain the predominant role played by UV radiation in premature aging. Used daily, derm repair counteracts the UV-induced dermis alteration, preventing premature photo-aging.

Available in 30 ml airless bottle

Active Repair Wrinkle Correction Cream- an anti-aging restorative cream, deeply restructures and regenerates the skin, illuminating the skin while bringing long-lasting radiance and luminosity. The fresh and delicate lightweight formula is well-suited for all skin types.

For: All skin types from ages 25 – 30.

When: Apply Institut Esthederm Active Repair Wrinkle Correction Cream in the morning and evening, alone or after the Derm Repair Restructuring Serum

Results: Facial features appear smoothed, wrinkles and fine lines are diminished. Skin feels firmer, regenerated and luminous from within. Skin texture is also enhanced.

Did you know…: Chronic exposure to the sun induces the cutaneous most external layer to thicken. This layer is composed of dead cells that absorb UV rays naturally. The accumulation of dead cells leads to the formation of pimples and blackheads and hinders the luminosity of the complexion. Used on a daily basis, Active Repair allows gentle exfoliation of dead cells, preventing their accumulation and risk of acne-related disorders and skin radiance.

Available in 50 ml jar.

Active Repair Eye Contour Care- a complete multi-action skincare boasting a high concentration of regenerating and reparative active ingredients that help target wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

For: All skin types from ages 25 – 30.

When: Apply Institut Esthederm Active Repair Eye Contour Care in the morning and evening. (avoid the upper eye lid).

Results: An instant moisturizing and soothing effect. Day after day, wrinkles and signs of fatigue are reduced, dark circles and puffiness diminish.

Available in 15 ml tube.

A unique Institut Esthederm patent: Cellular Water®

All Institut Esthederm products contain patented Cellular Water, an innovation in the cosmetic industry developed by the Institut Esthederm research laboratories in 1999. Cellular Water is a replica of the water found in our skin cells and provides necessary elements for optimising the skin’s vital functions and boosting cell activity. Cellular Water is also available as a Spray, to be applied before skincare products: it boosts their effectiveness and is completely biocompatible with the skin