Interview with Koji Naka, Managing Director of Casio Middle East

By Olga_Gafurova Sunday, 10 March 2019 5:13 PM

Interview with Koji Naka, Managing Director of Casio Middle East

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CASIO is taking the local launch of BGD-560-1 to new heights by working hand-in-hand with Nuna Atelier Creative Director Noura Al Alawi. Both are collaborating for the exciting official reveal of the watch in the UAE at the Concept store – City Walk Dubai.

The tribal pattern is printed on the model’s classic and comfortable slim band. An excellent watch to mix and match with different styles of women’s wear, this digital timepiece with its popular square face shows CASIO x Nuna Atelier’s unique vision. Thanks to its exquisite design, it is a must-have among fashionable ladies who are into street style fashion. We met with Mr. Koji Naka, managing director of Casio Middle East who shed light on this collaboration.

Could you tell us more about the strategic collaboration between CASIO and Nuna Atelier?

The strategic collaboration between CASIO and Nuna Atelier demonstrates our focus towards creating more appeal and attraction to the Arabic consumers. The BABY-G line of watches is like a little sister to the G-SHOCK line and our collaboration with Nuna, a famous Dubai based clothing / ready to wear designer, is meant to attract Arabic customers. With this in mind, the result of this key collaboration is a more modern and edgy limited edition BGD-560-1 model that stands out because of its beautiful, vibrant, and unique tribal pattern design.

Teaming up with a famous designer like Noura Al Alawi of Nuna Atelier reflects both parties’ commitment to bring in sport-chic, vibrant and unique products. The new model exhibits a cool and tough character, which perfectly suits the active lifestyle of women in Dubai, the UAE, and the rest of the GCC. BABY-G fans will find this new timepiece highly fashionable with a street style look that is very attractive and offers one-of-a-kind features highly appropriate for both work and leisure.

By wearing the latest model, which carries the BABY-G brand’s DNA, any woman will standout wherever they go and whatever endeavours they choose to follow. CASIO has expressed both excitement and confidence in working with new designers like Noura Al Alawi, especially when common vision and missions are shared.

The BABY-G BGD-560-1 model watch is definitely going to be a fun fashion accessory that will add a touch of sophistication to a woman’s wardrobe--without breaking the bank. Since it is not overly bulky, it bears a feminine and ideal look for a lady’s wrist size. Wearers can mix and match the timepiece with their jewelry as well. They can wear it every day if they like because of the versatility and creativity of the watch’s design.

What are your expectations from this collaboration?

As earlier stated, Nuna is very famous among locals and widely liked by many. This proves to be both timely and strategic as Nuna's partnership with CASIO can help spread awareness among Arab ladies, especially those from the GCC. The BABY-G line, especially the model that Nuna and CASIO collaborated on, offers a very iconic design that is both fresh and trendy with a reasonable price.

BABY-G is proud to collaborate with Nuna Atelier in bringing the brand to its customers via the local launch of the limited-edition BGD-560-1 model. Through this collaboration, we hope to reach out to a much larger base of fashion-oriented customers and ladies here in the UAE, who are looking for vibrant and exclusive timepieces.

The BABY-G is liked by all nationalities and suitable for all nationalities – offering great potential for all the ladies and for all nationalities. We remain upbeat about the launch of this new model and confident in receiving positive response from our target market once it becomes available at Concept store thanks to its appealing and attractive features and design.

How many launches did CASIO have last year?

G-SHOCK & BABY-G constantly partner with influential designers, brands, artists and musicians to create limited edition time pieces – local collaboration as well as global collaborations.

G-SHOCK and BABY-G brands are constantly setting new standards for timekeeping pieces. Among the global collaborations, G-SHOCK collaboration with legendary New York street artist Stash, New Era, a popular headwear and apparel brand, New York Rapper A$AP Ferg, and ASICS sneakers. Among the latest local Emirati collaborations in Dubai is the collaboration of G-SHOCK and UAE Motocross Champion Mohammed Al Balooshi and BABY-G collaboration with Nuna Atelier.