Luxury chocolate Forrey & Galland launches its limited collection ‘Toile De Jouy’

By Olga_Gafurova Wednesday, 09 October 2019 6:41 PM

Luxury chocolate Forrey & Galland launches its limited collection ‘Toile De Jouy’

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Originating from 18th century France, ‘La Toile De Jouy’, is a genre of decorating pattern that was used specifically for linen and then later Toile designs became popular for non-fabric items like wallpapers and fine china.

Aligned with Forrey & Galland’s brand philosophy, the haute couture chocolatier has designed a special edition ‘Toile De Jouy’ box, now available in the Dubai Mall boutique for a limited period of two months. The box will come in six sizes. 

“Chocolate has for centuries, exuded a certain refinement that has inspired art. Through our newest ‘Toile De Jouy’ collection, we wanted to showcase how our chocolate creations are a reflection of global heritage but still represent relevance in today’s modern world.” said Isabelle Jaouen, Founder & CEO of Forrey & Galland.

The new box collection features a vintage orange and grey ink-like vignette that is reminiscent of nature, sprinkled with a touch of elegance, but keeping in line with the brand’s visual identity.

About Forrey & Galland:

Born during the golden years of La Belle Epoque in the 1900s in Paris, Forrey & Galland, the haute-couture chocolate house was reinvented and introduced in Dubai in 2008. At Forrey & Galland, chocolate is a philosophy to a richer life, and the brand brings opulence and passion in each bite, holding close French values and the art of chocolate making. 

A connoisseur of all things beautiful and luxurious, the Parisian chocolate house presents more than just sweet indulgence. From exquisite handmade chocolates, macaroons and marzipans to custom hand painted porcelain, scents and other accessories. Enhancing the impressive accomplishments of the Middle East, the brand brings its 100-year spirit and Parisian touch to the region through its boutiques, one in Dubai and the other in Riyadh. 

Merging French-chocolate making expertise with regional flavours, the brand soon enthralled the region with its inspired premium Royal Omani Halwa chocolates. Today, the brand is a luxury gifting destination, bringing its expertise in customisation to the region's celebrations from weddings and baby showers to so much more.

Location: Dubai, Dubai Mall, Lower Ground Floor | Riyadh, Fiorenza La Piazza