Magerit's new collection Gea, inspired by the origin of life

By Olga_Gafurova Thursday, 20 April 2017 6:02 PM

Magerit's new collection Gea, inspired by the origin of life

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Dubai: 19 April 2017 Spanish jewellery brand Magerit presented its new collection Gea. From an admiration for the earth as the center of all creation, Gea was born, a collection inspired by the origin of life and the harmony of nature.

The careful fusion between fantasy and realism offers amazing creations that breathe delicacy and femininity. The chromatic variety is especially important, offering freshness and warmth to the original designs. The use of blue and green stones recalls the colours of the earth.

Organic motifs that make reference to seeds, petals and flowers abound. The figurative touch, always present in the brand’s collections, is the protagonist in the most important proposals of the collection. As in nature, every Magerit creation represents a unique, original and unrepeatable piece.

Reminiscent of Russia

The classic beauty of the famed Russian fairy tale, "Swan Lake" is the common thread giving life to a collection marked by elegance and good taste. Delicate, soft and sinuous shapes enriched with strong volumes, textures and colour contrasts are the main features of this original performance in terms ofartistic jewellery.

"It tells the story of the victim of a spell, the beautiful Odette, doomed to become a female swan. Only a vow of true love will free her from the spell. Using magic, beautiful Odile deploys all of her elegance to try to win the love of the prince”

Odile and Odette appear as the main protagonists in this collection, highlighting the stark contrast between innocence and daring. Swans, feathers and scents that induce enchantment form pieces that provide the ideal atmosphere in which thecollection is inspired. We invite you to discover all of the secrets and fantasy that follows this collection.

Must haves of the collection


It represents the moment when Odette is transformed into a swan. The voluminous feathers, or the face of the woman in the back of the collar, are details that serve to transmit its discreet elegance.

(18kt Yellow Gold , White and Green Diamonds)


It reveals the beauty of Odette in all of her glory. The pen that dressed her body highlights her feminine figure and gives her the perfect balance between reality and fantasy.18kt Yellow Gold , Black and White Diamonds and Sapphires)


Inspired by the night when Odile goes to a dance organized by Prince, hiding her beautiful face behind a mask. It is noted for its personality and colour contrasts.

(18kt Yellow Gold , Black & White Diamonds, Red Sapphires and Rubie)


Masterpiece of the collection. It symbolizes the magic of the moment when Odette tries to release herself from the spell. Full of bright green tourmalines, this gem surprises with the intensity of its colours and dramatic design which is packed with small details.


About Magerit...

Magerit is a Spanish company established in 1994 by a team of professional experts in the creation and design of fine jewellery. Magerit’s jewellery blends its designers’ creativity and originality with thesophisticated, handcrafted finishes of each individual piece. Its exclusive designs never go unnoticed and set their wearer apart. The company is currently based in the city of Madrid and has one hundred retail locations in twenty countries.