PIAGET celebrates Sunlight Journey in Shanghai

By Huiming_Shi Monday, 27 November 2017 10:21 AM

PIAGET celebrates Sunlight Journey in Shanghai

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PIAGET celebrated the Sunlight Journey collection exhibition at 55 BY THE GROUP. To highlight the distinctive connotation of the Sunlight Journey collection, a scene featuring interwoven light and shadow from sunrise to sunset was therefore created, offering an immersive "sunlight journey" to all the guests present. In the evening, an exclusive Gala dinner, celebrating the glamour and spirit of the Piaget Society in the presence of the most sparkling company was held at the “Shanghai Post Building”, a famous and historical landmark. Ms. Chabnam NOURI, CEO of PIAGET and Ms. Marguerite SAM, Managing Director of PIAGET China, together with YANG Mi, Dee HSU and Kevin TSAI, appreciated the unique style and glaring charm of the Sunlight Journey collection, explored PIAGET’s century craftsmanship legacy, and toasted to celebrate this resplendent moment.


Interwoven light and shadow bring resplendence


As the pleasing autumn was in the air, the PIAGET Sunlight Journey collection glittered its brilliance at the modest luxury 55 BY THE GROUP, where the bright jewellery and joyful party brought the one and only Piaget Society into being. Stepping into the event scene and crossing the gallery decorated by brightly-coloured bougainvillea and greenery, the guests entered a fantasy Mediterranean land - with primary shades of blue, pink and yellow, and a touch of green, a fresh marine breath was spreading over; illuminated by crystal lights, the jewels delivered exceptional vibe and appeal. Just as its name suggests, the Sunlight Journey collection aptly shows the different colours and luminance of one day. Even if it lasted one day, the pleasure brought by the jewellery and the cosiness rendered by the marine vision, has allowed the guests to forget the noise and coldness of the outside, and accomplish a wonderful journey of mythical joy.


PIAGET’s newest collection draws inspiration from the scenic beauty of the Amalfi Coast. A land of fire, volcanoes, and azure blue seas; a land bathed in light, a land where the natural elements unite with strength and passion. A land rich in culture and artistic expressions; a land of exchanges and sharing, where life itself is regarded as an intense and refined work of art, echoing the ‘art of living’ locations so greatly prized by the Piaget Society. Each time of day produces its own light and its distinctive vibe, in which jewellery and watchmaking creations bloom in dazzling colours thanks to the use of exceptional gems such as blue sapphires and yellow diamonds.


Ingenuity and craftsmanship start Sunlight Journey


In order to present an immersive experience to the guests, 3 colour spaces were specially built up to echo the latest pieces of the PIAGET Sunlight Journey collection. The delicate and light pink featured the first stop of the Sunlight Journey. Just after dawn, when sea and sky appear to merge in misty shades of grey, beige and pink, the glimmering dawn light slowly outlines the tranquil world where everything is about to wake up. In the new-born pink sunlight, rare gemstones and precious metals are exquisitely crafted by traditional craftsmanship to create the dreamy beauty weaved by the clouds and waves lighted by the rising sun, revealing the century-old craftsmanship of Maison PIAGET and leading the guests to explore the infinite mystery of dawn and sunrise.


High in the sky, the sun illuminates a land of contrasts and thrilling visual effects. The gaze is carried away by a symphony of sapphire and lapis lazuli blues and emerald greens, and turns into a breath-taking scenery. The azure blue showcase space resembles endless blue sky and sea, with embellished blue gems and dazzling diamonds mimicking the shimmering waves of the sea; the time-honoured Grand Feu enamelling process blends the ever-changing sunlight into the numerous peaks, delivering a 3D emboss on the dial; irregular shapes remodel the undulating waves. If looking closely, you may get a glimpse of the gleams while the sea washing the shore.


The heat of the afternoon sun gradually subsides. The sky is clothed in orange and gold and the sun glows in all its majesty one last time before dipping beneath the horizon. The guests came to the last pink stop, and enjoyed the most glowing moment of a day – the festive night. Gardens take on vibrant colours and exude fragrant scents, where a zealous party started. Brilliant fireworks become eternal in the instant of blossom; the unrestrained vitality of all creatures, upon elaborate Micro-mosaics process and embroidery, turns into gorgeous and precious works of art, manifesting the meticulous craftsmanship of the House. The ingenuously-made feathers caress the soft heart, seeming to guiding the guests to the secluded place free from hustle and bustle. The long and beautiful journey comes to an end in the whispers of the night.


Stars illumine dazzling night

The Sunlight Journey collection, as the ingenuous masterpiece of PIAGET, is also favoured by the Piaget Society. This time, YANG Mi, Dee HSU, and Kevin TSAI were invited to the dinner party of the Sunlight Journey. In their respective fields, they have always been embracing the mentality of seeking both internal and external beauty, constantly exceeding themselves and exploring infinite possibilities. It is this shared attitude that shapes the deep friendship between them and PIAGET. Accompanied by Ms. Chabnam NOURI, CEO of PIAGET and Ms. Marguerite SAM, Managing Director of PIAGET China, they felt the charm of the latest jewellery pieces in the Mediterranean colour spaces, and enjoyed the feast of light and shade in the glitzy romance of the Sunlight Journey collection.


Chabnam NOURI, CEO of PIAGET said: “In the rich history of the brand spanning for more than 140 years, the innovation and creation of extraordinary timepieces and high jewellery has been the constant pursuit of the brand. The newest Sunlight Journey collection follows the path of the sun, and carves out the most touching scenery of the nature with light and shadow. It is a tribute to classic, as well as a perfect fusion of traditional crafts and unlimited creativity pursued by PIAGET.”


The Sunlight Journey collection expresses the refined art philosophy with inspirational ideas, and demonstrates the uncanny natural beauty with sophisticated techniques and clever artistry. The new collection is both a masterpiece into which PIAGET has injected remarkable inspiration, and a re-interpretation of the light & shadow crafting tradition inherited by the House till today. The century-old PIAGET has never ceased innovating in the field of jewellery and watch making. It aspires to explore more artistic possibilities on the way of inheritance, and create more impressive and brilliant pieces.