The Smart B-Trainer™ from Sony

By admin Wednesday, 20 January 2016 10:55 AM

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It’s hard to keep up the enthusiasm to stay fit after the holidays. If your new year's resolution is to be more active and get fit, start your 2016 the smart way with the The Smart B-Trainer™ from Sony.

The all-in-one training device and application will kick-start your exercise regime with its range of features, such as intelligent music playback based on heart rate monitoring, various training plans, and real time voice coaching. Available in black and white, this latest device ensures you look chic even as you work up a sweat. Its neckband style with non-slip texture allows it to elegantly hang round your collar, keeping it comfortably suspended while you run.

This sports companion is your new personal trainer. It draws up your work out plans by monitoring your heart rate during exercise, and, through the use of its tone analysis technology, automatically selects and adjusts music and tempo to control the intensity of your training and guarantee you maximum efficiency as you exercise. And the tempo is manually adjustable to match your mood from its 16GB built-in memory which can store up to 3,900 songs!

If you’re looking to track progress, the built-in Smart B-Trainer for Running app transfers your track records via Bluetooth in graph form to your smart phone to help you assess your progress and determine which training plan you want; and another app is available which offers voice coaching from real training professionals.

With the Sony Smart B-Trainer round your neck, you can feel safe on your outdoor runs due to the built- in GPS, compass and barometer. And you can enjoy the luxury of making a hands free phone call by using your blue tooth handset as you continue with your workout. And should it happen to rain in our sunny climes, the Smart B-Trainer is also waterproof!

Choose the Smart B-Trainer and enjoy high quality personal training in the comfort of your own environment and at your own pace.

The Smart B-Trainer™ from Sony is currently available at Sony Boutique, at The Dubai Mall (AED 999).