Target 2020: 10 amazing projects coming up in Dubai

06 Sep 2015

Dubai is a unique destination combining attributes of an excellent and dynamic center for business with all the attributes of a tourist paradise, offering visitors an unbelievable number of attractions, dining venues and high-quality hotels. The emirate’s ambitions continue to soar higher than the world’s tallest building the Burj Khaifa for on its anvil are many exciting new futuristic projects which Aviamost Russian reveals in this edition

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Dubai: An attractive family destination

06 Sep 2015

One of the many reasons why Dubai is in the world’s limelight is because this top tourist destination is also one of the most attractive cities to spend a holiday with your family.

The UAE is positioned high in the new emerging travel market since family values are embedded in the UAE culture. In fact, the country ranked second globally based on criteria set by Crescent rating, a leading Muslim travel rating organisation based in Singapore, receiving a rating of 7.0, the report states... Read More

20 Must-See Dubai Landmarks

20 Must-See Dubai Landmarks

09 Mar 2015

Vividly colourful as a kaleidoscope, Dubai unfurls myriad experiences which are both excitingly diverse as well as intriguing. Indeed, the city embraces a wide variety of landscapes from the soft, undulating dunes of its deserts and rising gradually to the towering peak of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Over the last two decades in particular, Dubai has emerged to assert itself as one of the world’s most popular  tourist destinations hosting the world’s largest artificial... Read More

Al Dhafra Festival showcases Emirati traditions

14 Jan 2015

Camel beauty shows, traditional souq and local traditions highlight the annual festival

The annual Al Dhafra Festival returned to the Madinat Zayed in Al Gharbia (The Western Region) with bigger events and exciting competitions to showcase the best of Bedouin traditions.

The annual festival which took place until 1st January 2015, brought some of the most beautiful and highly valuable camels from all over the Arabian Gulf including UAE to enter different competitions,... Read More

20 Must-Have Experiences in Dubai

14 Jan 2015

Year by year, Dubai continues to zoom up on the list of top tourist destinations in the world with record visitor numbers and a unique blend of tourist attractions. It is the only place where you can jet ski, snow ski, go on a desert safari, scuba dive, go up in a hot air balloon, go on a dhow cruise, get your adrenaline rush at exciting waterparks, pearl dive and even experience sublime spa treatments to rejuvenate and revive body, mind and soul. Read on to discover 20 must-have experiences... Read More

Dubai: A Dream Destination to Visit and Live

14 Jan 2015

For the past several years, Dubai continues to steal the spotlight of the world media with articles praising the growth and progress of the city. This is in sharp contrast to its recession years when it was criticized for its ambitious ventures. However, the emirate’s economy and status have both proved their resilience, and the top tourist city has emerged stronger from the crisis. It is in fact witnessing a return of its former expats who had moved overseas to settle in other nations such... Read More

Dubai’s ambitious new tourism projects

03 Nov 2014

Дубай является уникальным направлением, который объединяет в себе и динамичный центр для ведения бизнеса, и туристический рай, предлагая своим посетителям большое количество достопримечательностей, магазинов, ресторанов и качественных отелей. От вечного спокойствия пустыни до оживленной суеты рынков – Дубай предстает перед гостями настоящим калейдоскопом достопримечательностей. В эмирате на... Read More

Moscow-Leisure exhibition: New accents

08 Oct 2014


Special report from the Moscow International Tourism Exhibition (OTDYKH) 2014 which attracted the world’s tourism experts, united not only by successful business strategies but also a passion for travel

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Up, up and over the desert!

02 Oct 2012

Up, up and over the desert!


Ballooning offers an exciting way to literally experience the heights of UAE. And rising up to the stratosphere, the land presents yet another exciting perspective of a nation which rose from the sands of the desert. And so we decided to leave behind the city’s swanky shopping venues and iconic luxury hotels, its traffic-clogged roads and its style-... Read More

Sharjah: The cultural capital

08 Sep 2012

Sharjah: The cultural capital


Sharjah - the third largest emirate, is the only one whose territory is flanked by the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. In 1998, UNESCO named it The Cultural Capital of the Arab World due to its rich legacy of arts, heritage and culture. You can relax and enjoy the sunny days, wander through traditional markets or visit modern shopping centers, go... Read More