Trends for men’s autumn 2016

By egor Tuesday, 04 October 2016 9:48 AM

Trends for men’s autumn 2016

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Military Inspired

When we think of the military, our first thoughts probably turn to battle hardened marines, suave, cocky pilots and men willing to put their lives on the line to protect their nations interests. I doubt however the idea of fashion and style ever springs to mind.

Yet so many items of clothing we own are taken straight from the military handbook or adapted from pieces that were designed first and foremost for the battlefields rather than the high-street. In fact there are so many items from the Armed Forces masquerading under the style banner, we often assume they have always been part of the fashion scene.

Wild West

We all love a good theme and this year nods its akubra-head to the Wild West. From ponchos to wide brimmed felt hats, as well as suede and textured, hyper coloured knits, it pays to be a little gun-toting in 2015. While we’re not suggesting a complete cowboy look or native American indian, adopt key pieces like a suede jacket, plaid button-down shirt and leather (round toe) boots. – worn separately at all times. And keep the Cuban heel for a dress-up party.