Dior’s modern classics

03 Nov 2014

Raf Simmon’s Fall/Winter haute couture collection for Dior draws inspiration from 18th century French court moves to Edwardian tailoring and comes right up to the present times, journeying across several time periods.

You sense the mood. Now for the designs…

The ball gowns feature pannier-skirted gowns that are three-quarter rather than full-length. Matched by narrow, sporty bodice tops... Read More

Valentino’s Roman romance

03 Nov 2014

Stately, structured and feminine are terms that aptly describe Valentino’s haute couture plans for us this fall-winter 2014-15 unfurling a charming ‘Return to Rome’ theme

The renowned brand’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli drew grand inspiration from ancient Greece, bringing to mind ethereal Athenian nymphs adorned in Grecian gowns, crafted from homespun fabric,... Read More

Giorgio Armani Privé Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014-15 collection

10 Oct 2014


Giorgio Armani has his own customs in Paris. He showcases his Haute Couture at the Palais de Tokyo, a collection that is opened with a range of small pea jackets and shorts in patterned fabrics with a quilted effect. These are then followed by short jackets with three-quarter length sleeves and crape woolen trousers, which demonstrate a simplicity and grand... Read More

Red-dy for action?

08 Oct 2014


It’s advised that you don’t see red (for obviously it hikes up one’s BP) but instead get ready for action with some va va vroom numbers flashing RED!

The colour has been touted to boost your spirits as well as energy in just any setting and is the fave colour of several cultures around the world in the East as well as the West. So embrace it with verve.

Ex... Read More

Cool Blue moments

08 Oct 2014

Dive into blue to come away refreshed! Said to be one of the most popular colours across the world and a cool colour at that, blue has an appeal that cuts across barriers. What’s more, leading designs have a tempting line-up of creations to blow your blues away!

Blue was also a latecomer used in art and decoration as it was difficult to produce. It was also not used for dyeing... Read More

Bolder colours and silhouettes define men’s fashion Fall-Winter 2014/2015

08 Oct 2014

Мужская мода, отражая присущие современному миру тенденции, становится с каждым сезоном все интересней. Сочетая дизайнерские идеи с неординарным подходом и актуальными направлениями, она преподносит мужчинам новые, совершенно потрясающие образы. Сезон осень-зима 2014/15 не стал исключением. В его коллекциях трудно выделить какой-то определенный стиль: тут и полярники в мехах, и ковбои в... Read More

Fashion’s autumn attractions

08 Oct 2014


Overview of the latest autumn trends by the world’s top designers which unfurl an alluring variety of eye-catching collections this season

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F/W fashion’s return to romanticism

07 Oct 2012

F/W fashion’s return to romanticism


Fall-winter 2012-2013 fashion collections by leading brands marked a return to    romanticism, elegance and retro style, underlined by muffled tones and dexterously   underlined lines and aristocratic shapes. Fur featured in several designs indicating it as a popular trend this season

According to Frida Giannini, Gucci’s FW 2012... Read More

Scintillating sensations from Biennale Des Antiquaires 2012

02 Oct 2012

Ярмарка редкостей

Десять сентябрьских дней крупнейший выставочный центр Парижа – Большой дворец изящных искусств Grand Palais находился в центре мирового внимания. Одни называли происходящее здесь «пиром во время чумы», намекая на затяжной кризис в странах еврозоны, другие – «ярмаркой тщеславия», указывая нам на хвастовство, присущее человеческой природе. Настоящее же имя сего... Read More

Fashion gets ready for fall and winter

08 Sep 2012

Дама осеннего образа

«Унылая пора, очей очарование», - сказал А.С. Пушкин об осени. Высказывание попало, что называется, прямо в цель. Осенняя погода может радовать, волновать, будоражить умы, и в то же время, навевать тоску и грусть. Но осенью с коллекциями Versace, Balmain, Elie Saab, Gucci, Givenchy, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Dior и другими женщинам грустить не придется.

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